Wu Yufeng inspected and guided the epidemic prevention and control work

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On the afternoon of June 6, Wu Yufeng, secretary of the CPC District Committee and the first leader of the COVID-19 prevention and control leading group of the district, inspected and guided the epidemic prevention and control work at the control and traffic control checkpoints in the three districts, and visited the frontline epidemic prevention and control workers.She stressed that efforts should be made to implement all measures prudently and strive for the final victory of this round of epidemic prevention and control at an early date.Shao Weibin, deputy secretary of the District Committee attended.Fuyang officially lifted traffic control from 4 PM on June 6.At the intersection of Jinqiu Avenue and Wenju Street, fuchun Bay Group workers and police are removing barricades and tents and other temporary facilities previously set up.Wu Yufeng thanked everyone for their hard work and urged them to pay attention to their own safety, do a good job in keeping warm, and restore the smooth, clean and orderly road in time.She stressed that the hard-won overall situation of epidemic prevention and control should be firmly upheld by adhering to the principle of “opening the door without stopping prevention and control”.It is necessary to adjust priorities in a timely manner and arrange police forces in a scientific way. The focus should be transferred to high-speed railway stations, subway stations and other key public places to “prevent imports from outside and rebound from inside”, take the initiative to respond to emergencies and escort the subsequent resumption of work and production.On the afternoon of June 6, the regional epidemic prevention and control headquarters issued notice No. 21, which adjusted the scope of the “three zones” — containment, control and prevention zones — based on the current situation of epidemic prevention and control.In Runze Yuan of Fuchun Street and Baolong City Square, an epidemic prevention team composed of public security police, community “grand Party committee” cadres and volunteers remained at their posts.Wu Yufeng visited two communities, visited frontline workers, listened to and affirmed the “three districts” management and control, personnel transfer and residents’ life service.She pointed out that the more critical the moment is, the more the test of original aspiration.This time everyone in the epidemic prevention and control of the most tight time to come forward, for the rapid containment of the spread of the epidemic made a positive contribution to show the fuyang cadres fighting capacity, executive power.The people in the containment area, control area and prevention area actively cooperate and help each other, casting the spirit of fighting the epidemic in Fuyang.At present, the epidemic prevention and control, the key stage of decisive battle is still, to maintain high morale, ShenZhongRuShi do a good job in “three areas” controls, control specification standard curing, timely adjust the tactic “range, setting up reasonable warnings, assigns to QingChanShi, closed type management to carry out the work, strive for an early for community comprehensive unsealed.It is necessary to deepen and consolidate the tacit understanding of cadres and masses formed in actual combat, take the “large Party committee” system and the “Fuchun Zhilian” platform as the starting point, iterate and update the community grid management, speed up the improvement of voluntary service system, and lay a good foundation for the “Asian Games at home”.Source: Fuyang Daily (reporter: Chen Ling) Fuyang District Rong Media Center (photography: Bao Jian) Editor: Hong Wen first Instance: Tong Yan Second instance: Zhao Danhua Final instance: Chen Tiejun