The 2022 social security contributions and salaries began to be declared

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The insured units (including individual industrial and commercial households with employees) that have gone through social insurance registration in the whole city shall apply for the persons who are still participating in the pension insurance, unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance for enterprise employees before the end of December 2021 (including the retirees in 2022).Note: Employees who have completed the pension insurance contribution wage declaration in the beginning of the year need not declare the contribution wage again.Application period: April to the end of June 2022 iii. Application Method: In accordance with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, all insured units shall apply online in principle.The insured units log on to Zhejiang Government Affairs Service network (, locate “Ningbo”, search for “verification of social insurance premium payable by insured individuals”, and handle the matter online. Paper forms and other materials need not be submitted to social security agencies.Specific operation check verification operation manual of ginseng protect personal should pay social insurance premiums “( The insured units that are not qualified for online declaration due to special circumstances can bring usb disk and other materials to the local social security agencies to apply for the declaration procedures.(1) The insured unit shall truthfully declare the contributions and wages of its staff and workers, and fill out the report in strict accordance with the caliber stipulated by the National Bureau of Statistics, and shall not underreport, omit or conceal the report.(2) In 2022, the employee’s contribution salary shall be declared according to the monthly salary income of the previous year.Worker last year monthly wage income (retained to yuan) = last year worker salary income ÷ his last year work months.After the release of the provincial Social security Bureau, social security agencies will adopt the new upper and lower limits of the payment base and determine the payment base in 2022 based on the wages declared by insured units.In accordance with the provincial rules, the balance settlement of pension, work-related injury and unemployment insurance premiums that have been collected since January 2022 will be conducted uniformly.Vi. During the shutdown and switchover of the national Pooling information system for other employees’ basic endowment insurance, the payment and wage declaration of employees will be suspended, and the specific arrangements shall be subject to the announcement.Question and Answer 1. When is the declaration time and the commencement time of the payment Base?My city capture expends salary to declare general arrangement to undertake in April – end of June every year.The starting time of the payment base will be implemented according to the unified regulations of Zhejiang Province. For the specific time, please pay attention to the official website and announcement of municipal People’s And Social Security Bureau.2. What shall we do if the unit finds the declaration error after checking the declaration?Before new capture cost base is put into use, the unit can pass “join to protect individual to answer pay social insurance premium check and ratify” item declares the capture cost salary of this worker afresh, declare data with the unit last prevail.After the new payment base is enabled, the unit needs to adjust through the “Personal Social insurance payment salary review” module.