Original god: the bell is about to be re-carved, there is no need for “blood ox flow”?Hu Hang Zhong has something to say!

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He is the only person who can give us a sense of security in the original god, that is Zhong Li.As the strongest shield of the original gods, Chung’s shield is a thick one.Although UP was ridiculed by many netizens at the beginning, after the modification of complete element absorption, coupled with noble resistance reduction, Zhong Li once became a top ranking existence in the abyss.Because bully + shield is so useful, whether it is the abyss or the big world, let people have no fear.The bell is about to be re-carved, there is no need for “blood ox flow”?Hu Hang Zhong has something to say!Zhong Li is also about to be copied in the second half of the 2.4 version, at this time a lot of meng new is also very confused, after drawing zhong Li in the end what kind of play should choose?At present, there are two ways to play Zhong Li, the first is to play deputy C, because Zhong Li has a good multiplier, no matter carrying insulation sleeve, or carrying master set, can play a very good output.The second is the “blood cow flow”, that is, to carry 4,000 rocks crazy accumulation of health, so that the shield from the extreme, so that can really achieve the meaning of “rock”.But now the clock from cow blood flow may be a little out of place, a lot of netizens feel, 3 w clock from blood basically also enough, because that has a good ratio, in carrying the gun duel or rod is the protection of this type of stronger offensive weapons, and then carry some offensive holy relic, such as insulation sleeve or imperial clan set,Jongli can also hit 10W + output, the effect above is quite good.But sometimes can not be too absolute, for example, there is a system or play “blood cow flow” good, that is, “Hu Hang zhong”, that is, walnut system.In this system, zhong li big move hit at most may be 10W +, this damage compared to walnut output, that is nothing, there is no need to waste these time, it is better to directly put the shield to the thickest, to protect the safety of the team.Hu Xing clock system among the lack of a top wet nurse, line autumn although there is a reply but very little, after all, walnut blood is also very thick.So in this system, zhong li’s best way is to bring “sheng Sheng sheng” to improve health, because once walnut does not bully, plus her own skills, it is very easy to directly die suddenly.Although the shield of 3W health is sufficient, it may be directly broken under the environment of the abyss, and cannot wait for the second shield to spawn, so it is necessary to “blood ox flow” in the bell system of Hu Xing.Placed in other systems with milk or shields, such as rock platters, can be used to attack relics, because rock platters frequently generate crystalline shields, and twin rocks have a certain bonus.Plus the current rock team master C Wild long a bucket with a tyrant body, cooling vacuum period can let the clock out of the big move and shield, the effect is also very good.Output bell from the experience of the big world is very good, after all, dazhao energy 40, when facing the Slim or QQ people basically kill in a second, and blood bull is not able to do this, so each choice, it depends on how you choose!