Female voice broadcast | Qitai County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture: “beautiful hair houses” to promote women’s employment and income

2022-09-01 0 By

Tiger Spring Festival, Qitai county a batch of “beautiful hair house” received the autonomous region women’s federation sent “beautiful hair house” to upgrade and new project “gift package”.In the autonomous region women’s federation “beautiful hair house” quality upgrade and new project launch and project equipment distribution type, Qitai County women’s federation to Qitai town, Qiaoren Kazak township and other 6 towns of 1 upgrade project site, 9 new project site issued “beautiful hair house” quality upgrade, new “beautiful hair house” project equipment.Zhang Jianyu, a resident of Shuimohe community, Qitai Town, Qitai County, said: “From a perm machine to a clip, the equipment is particularly complete.As a barber, I am very grateful to the Women’s Federation for their support.”It is understood that the “beautiful hair house” project of the Women’s Federation of the Autonomous Region is to create an opportunity for women to start a business and get employed and realize their dreams. It is a poverty alleviation project aimed at promoting rural women to start a business and get employed and showing modern women’s beautiful new style.This year, Qitai county women’s federation actively strive for xinjiang lottery public welfare project funds 150,000 yuan, in the implementation of the county women’s federation “beautiful hair house” upgrade and new “beautiful hair house” project, existing 1 “beautiful hair house” upgrade, new 9 “beautiful hair house”.Each “beautiful hair house” invest 15000 yuan to equip beauty salon equipment and supplies, establish “women micro home”, add flat screen TV, bookshelf and books, through creating “beautiful hair house + women micro home” model, let the majority of women compatriots achieve “doorstep” employment and the pursuit of beautiful life.In the future, qitai County Women’s Federation will do a good job in the implementation and implementation of the “beautiful hair house” project, in the project management attentively, care and help with the effort, the ideological and political leadership into the rural women’s regular service, highlight the “beautiful hair house” and “women micro home” influence and cohesion,Let the “beautiful hair salon” become a service front and warm home for women to guide their thoughts, start their own businesses and find jobs, and promote the revitalization of rural areas.(text/picture baiyun Peak) Source/Qitai County zero distance editor/Ma Xinyu