Early this morning, it snowed in Hunan

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Snow falls in nanshan Pasture in Shaoyang, Central China’s Hunan province, April 2, 2019.Due to high water vapor content over Chengbu county and the effect of cold air moving southward to lift wet air, snow conditions were reached, which is not abnormal in higher elevations of Hunan, the local observatory said.Shaoyang Nanshan Pasture snow scene.”I heard rustling last night, and this morning I looked out the window and it was all white.”Shaoyang Chengbu county long camp town Nanshan ranch Dping Village Yang Qirong was shocked by the scenery, she excitedly picked up the phone to take photos and video, share this rare beauty of spring snow with friends.A screenshot of temperature monitoring in Shaoyang on April 2.Why is there snow at this stage, the reporter asked the local meteorological department for advice.”According to the monitoring, from last night to this morning, the temperature in shaoyang city 2,000 to 3,000 meters above the ground reached minus 0 degrees Celsius.”Tan Dequan, director of shaoyang Meteorological Station, said snow conditions were reached due to high water vapor content in the chengbu area in the south of Shaoyang, as well as the effect of cold air moving southward to lift wet air.”The altitude of Nanshan pasture is about 1700 meters, and its ground temperature is also around 0 degrees this morning, so it is not easy for snow to melt when it reaches the ground, forming snow.”Tan dequan said the wave of cold air in addition to affecting Shaoyang Chengbu County, Longhui County has also seen snow in Xiaoshajiang.”Xiao Shajiang, also known as’ Little Tibet, ‘is 1,300 meters above sea level and is prone to snow from October to April when strong cold air moves southward.”Therefore, snow at high altitudes due to cold air is not abnormal when water vapor content is high at an altitude of 1,500 to 3,000 meters, Tan explained.Shaoyang Nanshan Pasture snow scene.Shaoyang Nanshan Pasture snow scene.Reporter: Zhang Xingsha source: Rednet