Comedian refuses to work with New Girl?Wang Yan bullying Yuan Bingyan?Xiao Zhan Li Qin new play official announcement

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Comedian refuses to work with New Girl?Recently, there has been a deal between Xinmou Girl and comedian Uncle Tuck.The movie they worked on didn’t do well at the box office, which had something to do with Xinmou’s poor popularity.The capital behind the new girl in order to improve her popularity, want to let the tuck uncle cooperate with her again.In the face of capital invitation, tuck uncle refused on the spot.With his new seeks the girl this cooperation is not happy, new seeks the girl on the set of saying self-reliance background, directors and other artists attitude is very poor, folds with the identity of the elder uncle have told her, but she pooh-poohed, also ironic folds in public tertiary meddling, two people to have an issue, so wrinkled uncle will refuse to capital offer once again.Rejected capital does not give up, but also in the lobby Tucson uncle, they also made an alternative plan, if Tucson uncle does not play the movie, then the capital will modify the script, find a big bowl actress to replace him with new girl cooperation.Wang Yan bullying Yuan Bingyan?Have recently Yuan Bingyan fans when she performed in the new project, supporting the Pepsi center, wang yan in the cast treatment not only superior, and get qualified bully, try very hard to play, go to upstage Yuan Bingyan meaning, associated with the privilege for many years, wang yan recently also frequent on a sound, so now also began to gossip, fanning fueling fact,Say Wang Yan as a result of husband home economic condition is not as good as before, so come back eat ugly, openly suppress junior.It doesn’t matter if Wang Yan’s husband’s house is as big as before. In short, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse.Wang Yan and Yuan Bingyan cooperation of this project play crew is really to give her a good treatment, but this is reasonable, after all, the somebody else a rich too guest film is to play spare heat, to satisfy the hobby, this does not plan the play crew’s money does not plan the play crew’s force, want to be taken care of considerate point is not the matter of human nature?What’s the big deal?As for the project to wang Yan to play this is not her request, but the initiative of the piece!One Wang Yan has always been the play of the people, even if lian Po old, second kill Yuan Bingyan that is enough, the director and screenwriter is not a fool, people are invited, of course, is to make the best of things;And wang yan, though rarely seen after marriage, because before the performance of the classic role accumulated blood thick, so she also has some commercial value objectively, party for the sake of the market and the subsequent publicity, tilting her some is inevitable in the scenes, but in the female with wang yan and tying Yuan Bingyan play is two generations in the degress, how wear also won’t form the competition,So yuan Bingyan part of the fans do not have to be too small, to care about the treatment and drama of Wang Yan, anyway, people will not hinder Yuan Bingyan.Think that wang Yan and Zhong Hanliang is also a group of screen CP, who ever thought that time has changed Zhong Hanliang can partner a new generation of flowers Yuan Bingyan in the screen lovey-doy-doy, and Wang Yan can only play in the same play the queen mother, the old lady, think carefully or quite a sigh.Xiao Zhan Li Qin new play official propaganda!A few days ago, xiao Zhan and Li Qin cooperate “that piece of sea in the dream” official declare, what result follows however is the topic that guesses two people amour of one big wave on the net.Plus before this resource, xiao Zhan and Li Qin not only cooperate for many times, but also once been photographed about eating hot pot, which makes the so-called amorous melon more complicated and confusing rise!And respect of xiao zhan is very cautious to melon of this amour apparently, very fast they made a “dispel rumors” post, clarified the suspected amour with Li Qin.To tell the truth, shaw war and Li Qin relationship is really good, shaw war didn’t fire it, two people will have a personal, Li Qin had to battle to introduce shaw some resources, it is on the relationship between the young men and women “auo above, under a lover, if subsequent wars failed to shaw with” by order “a word,There’s a real possibility that something unspeakable might develop between the two of them;But the problem is two years before the war broke into traffic, shaw has countless girlfriend powder and cp, directly to the flow of relationship is not possible to rise in the career development, also to have certain capital forces behind the plus he blessing, capital will rein in his personal life, so he and Li Qin that ambiguity is gradually gone!Now xiao on this side of the war, he still want to introduce some hot style show, keep their own traffic niche status, but at the beginning of the 227 event impact is too large to him in the heat flow, the heat of a phase failed to realize cash “flow”, delayed the golden period of development, now want to turn over again and how many have snack is unable to do.Li Qin that head, she also had stable association object at the moment, to the career however did not have before two years so on the heart, right, before some time Li Qin to accompany his present, still pushed off a good resource, a few insiders in the circle even reveal to say perhaps which day she can break out “good news”.