4 billion private equity tycoon confirmed dead: disappeared during night run, published earlier this year

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On the evening of December 31, 2021, Takashi was still participating in the video recording of “Company and Industry”. Judging from the video content, Takashi was in good condition.Gao Shan’s personal public account, “Wanshan Deep Xiangliuquan,” used to be updated almost weekly, and he would personally write some of his latest views on the market and investment.| edit | Li Yu tung source in the 21st century economic report (ID: jjbd21) on February 8, with news, according to Shanghai to one private equity firm control, fund managers takasugi ako, on January 10th, 2022, binjiang night disappeared while running.Police recently fished out a body from the Huangpu River, and notified the family of the body on Monday.It is reported that Gao Shan is also an independent director of Huaming Intelligence.Huaming Intelligent also issued a notice on the evening of February 8 that the company was unable to contact Mr. Gao Shan, the independent director, and was in a state of loss. The specific situation of Mr. Gao Shan’s loss still needs to wait for the results of the investigation by the public security organ.Up to now, the company has not been able to understand the specific reason for takasi lost contact.On the evening of February 8, according to the Paper, a reporter learned from Shanghai police that at around 13:00 on February 2, 2022, the border Port and Navigation Branch fished out the body of a man in the waters near the Pudong Waterfront.According to the forensic examination, it conforms to the characteristics of drowning death, and there is no external violent injury on the body surface, so the criminal case may be ruled out initially.The victim was identified as Gao (40 years old) by comparison with his family members.Related investigation work is still in progress.According to the Securities Times report, the same afternoon, the Securities Times reporter called Shanghai Huanyi Private Equity fund, a woman who answered the phone confirmed that Gao Shan had indeed disappeared, the company had called the police, “still waiting for further confirmation of the police information.”8 evening, the reporter again called Shanghai Huanyi private equity fund, wire personnel confirmed to reporters Gao Shan has passed away, “from the police information.”According to qichacha APP, Shanghai Huanyi Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. was established in September 2013 with the legal representative of Guo Qi and a registered capital of 10 million YUAN. Its business scope includes: private equity investment fund management services.Equity penetration shows that Gao Shan is the actual controller with a shareholding ratio of 55.00%.At present, there are 6 affiliated companies of Gaoshan, in which he holds the positions of investor and director, among which one has been cancelled.Gao Shan was born in 1982 and has more than 16 years of experience in the securities industry.He once worked in taixin Fund, Shanghai Investment Morgan Fund, Cathay Fund and other public institutions.In 2012, he left the public sector to pursue private interests. He first worked as an investment manager in Kaishi Investment And later joined Huanyi Private Equity.Gao Shan graduated from Shandong Institute of Light Industry. From 2005 to 2011, he worked as a researcher in electronics industry at Taixin Fund from October 2005 to March 2007.From April 2007 to May 2009, I worked as an expert and associate director of research in cyclical capital goods industry, responsible for strategic analysis at Morgan Capital Investment Co., LTD.June 2009 to November 2011, worked as an investment manager in Cathay Pacific Fund Management Co., LTD., in charge of 1 billion capital (absolute return fund) : achieved 15% absolute return when the CSI 300 index plummeted by 30% during the same period from 2009 to 2011.In 2013, he joined the private equity fund and founded Beilin Mountain Investment, a private equity firm. According to China Foundation Foundation Association, The scale of Beilin Mountain Investment management is 0-500 million yuan, the paid-in capital is 10 million yuan, and Gaoshan has subscribed 87%.Seven of its funds have been liquidated, and the latest update is in June 2020.But Beilin Mountain No.1 is still in operation.According to the publicity materials, it has achieved good performance of commission products and FOF products in Haitong Securities and Sinolink Securities system, and ranked first in the long/short strategy category in 2016.He also runs Cedars Global Capital, an overseas fund, which has returned 240% since 2018, according to marketing materials.In 2018, he joined Taicheng Capital as chief Investment Officer of equities.From June 2020 to mid-2021, he served as chief Investment officer and senior partner of Anhui Mingze Investment Management Co., LTD.On August 27, 2021, Gao Shan was changed to be the actual controller and investment director of Shanghai Huanyi Private Equity.The 2021 year-end report shows that last year was a year of rapid development for Shanghai Huanyi Private Equity Fund.On February 10, 2021, the company’s first product — Huanyi Weekly Guanfu Private Equity Investment Fund was established;In March 2021, the management scale reached 1 billion yuan;In May, the management scale reached 2 billion yuan;In September, the management scale reached 3 billion yuan.By the end of December 2021, Shanghai Huanyi Private Equity Fund has 43 products under management, with a management scale of 4 billion yuan.Not only the rapid expansion of the scale of management, Shanghai Huanyi private equity based on product yield is also commendable.In June last year, Shanghai Huanyi Private Equity Fund ranked among the top ten of the stock strategy group with a management scale of 500 to 1 billion in Shanghai.In July last year, the fund ranked among the top 10 of the “stock strategy group with 1 to 2 billion yuan under management”.In August last year, it ranked third in the “1 billion to 2 billion equity strategy group in Shanghai”.In November, the fund ranked among the top 10 gainers in the Shanghai equity strategy group of $2 billion to $5 billion under management.According to private fundraising data, as of January 28 this year, the huanyi Cycle Observation and recovery Fund, which has been established for nearly a year, has achieved a yield of 30.2% since its establishment, with a maximum retracement of 19.95% and a yield of -9.83% since this year.A similar situation has been observed in the Second institute of Gwangyeokgwanbok, which was established on March 16 last year.As of Jan. 28, the fund has returned 46.25% since its inception, with a maximum retracement of 12.86% and a year-to-date return of -9.55%.Shanghai Huanyi private equity fund revealed that the company in mid-January this year before and after the reduction of positions to respond to customer redemption.In addition to investing in public and private equity, Gao Shan also has a lot of exposure in the media. He often participates in THE TV programs of China Business Network.On the evening of December 31, 2021, Takashi was still participating in the video recording of “Company and Industry”. Judging from the video content, Takashi was in good condition.According to securities Times, under the weibo suspected of Gao Shan, a number of friends left a message of condolence.In the eyes of many friends, Takashi is easy-going, polite, with clear opinions and clear thinking.In addition, the latest article update of the we-media public account written by Gao Shan also stayed on January 1, 2021, and the last article was “A-Share Strategy Foresight in 2022”.Gao Shan’s personal public account, “Wanshan Deep Xiangliuquan,” used to be updated almost weekly, and he would personally write some of his latest views on the market and investment.Speaking about his outlook for the 2022 market, Takasaki said: “My overall view of next year is probably divided into two levels. The first level is that there is no industry beta, only industry alpha. Why do you say that?Even our successful fund managers this year have grasped this year’s core track, whether it is photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, wind power, military industry or.Actually the industry this year is very interesting, you typically like photovoltaic industry, until today we feel like home installed didn’t also how to lower than expected this year, but in fact, from January to December 30 market expectations of pv installed the stand or fall of this year, the expectations of earnings has changed at least four or five times, but in fact they did not meet expectations, most of the profitsBut the stock has gone up a lot, which means that this year the track has become beta, but I think next year’s track should be no beta only alpha.The first one is that there is no deviation in our understanding of the industry space.The second to the advantage of the industrial chain of industry structure changes and competition also does not have the too big expectations, then led to the now that it is nothing too big effect, only the fluctuations, since there is market fluctuations is the game, so in the middle of the track, we put forward in 2022 should be desalt beta, to alpha,Look for the subareas of the track that are most likely to increase penetration and have growth potential.The second aspect is that the year 2021 has changed from the so-called way of human beings to the way of heaven. The so-called way of human beings is what Laotse said: “The way of human beings is to lose enough and give more, while the way of Heaven is to lose more and make up for the deficiency, which is equivalent to saying that this year will be a year of low when the high is abandoned.We also want to consider whether this year antitrust industry regulations, or due to our objective of the economic environment, such as the Internet, consumer, medical lost industry this year, next year if there is any opportunity to everything, and the opportunity depends on macro policy change, next year, also depends on our top for next year’s economic strength and direction of the judgment and implementation of the gripper.(21st Century Business Herald is based on public information, Securities Times, Thepaper.cn, Private Equity, Enterprise Chacha, etc.)