Year guan anti fraud collection collation, not to be taken lightly

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First, fraud by posing as the victim’s leaders, relatives and friends, or pretending to be government agencies, enterprises and other identity fraud.Key words: Cooperate with the investigation, you are suspected of illegal sending verification code security deposit, I am Mr. Li shopping, customer service needs a refund, you have express money, still remember me? Something wrong with the air ticket, old classmate.Pretend to be shop customer service, claiming that the party bought goods have quality problems, to handle a refund for it, falsely claimed that in order to facilitate the receipt of “refund”, require the victim to tell their bank card number, password, verification code and other personal information;Or require the victim to borrow money in a variety of lending platforms, and then induce the victim to transfer money to the swindler.Routine 2: Call the victim to tell him that there is a claim for the loss of the express, add friends and send fake phishing links to collect the victim’s e-commerce account password, bank account password and other privacy information, and then pull out the bank verification code from the user’s mouth on the pretext of verification, and finally steal the bank card.Routine 3: liar pretend to be the centers for disease control and prevention and administration of social security center, communication unit, said the victim identity information on various grounds, mobile phone number is used, for its transfer to the so-called “the police”, a liar then disguised as the police, the judge said the victim of crime, asked the victim to cooperate with the innocence, taking his savings to the other party to “security account”;Or ask the victim to collect all the funds into a certain bank card, and then transfer the funds of the bank card by cheating the victim of the password, verification code, online banking and other information of the bank card.Routine 4: Pretend to be a friend of the victim, claiming that they are in an emergency and ask the friend to help transfer the money.There are many other routines, acquaintances chat about money or face to face negotiations, or through multiple ways to confirm each other’s identity, do not rush.There is love in the world, but do not help cheaters blunt KPI.Second, part-time fraud through the Internet to release false part-time information, with high commission recruitment network part-time, the entry fee, brush principal, agency fees and other fraud.Key words: swipe time, free at home, mother, students can swipe news, return commission, pay deposit first, then take orders +V Watch videos, make money, game agent do tasks, recruit summer jobs, online promotion, work more, work more, hi, are you interested in doing part-time jobs routine 1: fake propaganda game plug, the victim does not provide plug after paying, induce him to become an agent.There are also claims to receive the task to watch videos to make money, but requires the victim to recharge the APP membership in advance.Routine 2: High commission to lure the victim to help so-and-so shop brush orders.After being hooked, the victim gradually increases the difficulty of brushing the single task and requires that the commission can be returned only after finishing the task. However, the victim usually cannot complete the task because the amount required is too large.Routine 3: use multiple accounts to commit fraud in partnership. In order to recruit typists, voting staff, brush personnel, there are reception staff reception, there are incoming teachers income, and task teachers collect upgrade membership fees.The Daily Telegraph reminds you that any part-time job or booking is a fraud. Do not be “greedy for cheap” or “easy to make a lot of money”. Do not trust the so-called high return and do not click on strange links easily.Looking for part-time jobs to formal recruitment, intermediary platforms or companies, signed a detailed labor contract, in order to protect their legitimate rights and interests.Encounter fraud to timely alarm, and the other party’s phone number, QQ, wechat, chat records and other retained submitted to the police, so that the police solve the case.Key words: join the stock recommendation P2P platform withdrawal account opening loan elimination lending record high yield return low risk loan theft brush credit card cash service charge here is membership system looking for investors routine 1:Every day, we send the victims the information of stock promotion, show the screenshots of customer earnings, and attract the victims to join in. To join in, we need to charge a certain service fee and make an appointment, but the victims are silent after payment.Routine 2: falsely claim to borrow money on behalf of the victim, and collect money from the victim many times in the name of charging commission for loan, charging activation fee for activation, charging deposit for reactivation after failed activation.Routine 3: in order to help the set is now on the ground to let the victim to take the goods, said that the goods will be returned to the victim, but there is no return, the victim was deleted or screened after payment.Keep in mind that “high return”, “get rich quick” investment projects, should be calm analysis!Consult with your family before investing.When choosing financial products, it is best to deal with the normal financial companies such as banks and securities.Four, low price inducement/free to send the fraudster through the release of ultra low price commodity information, to deceive the victim to pay to buy the implementation of fraud;Or to fan feedback activities as an excuse, false free gifts to victims, in order to defraud postage or personal information.Key words: Missing person notice forwarding this article Circle of friends new store opening activity Lucky draw anniversary celebration Feedback gift free but postage is required Congratulations win the prize send a new mobile phone free adopt a pet dog send it immediately no threshold pay 1 yuan can participate in the activityHold a lucky draw with friends circle in store celebration or festival celebration, lock the victim and falsely claim the prize, pay the postage fee to get the prize, delay for various reasons, and finally directly do not reply to the victim.Routine 2: in order to find a female grounds, said to help forward to find a female say to send a mobile phone, after collecting postage and constantly use other reasons to ask the victim to pay finally delete the shielding victim.Routine 3: Sell apple, VIVO and other brands of mobile phones with ultra-low price gimmick, and then ask the victim to pay again for various other reasons, causing the other party to be alert and immediately delete the blocking friends.As The Daily Telegraph reminds you, fraudsters are constantly updating their methods of fraud, causing serious impact on users and social networking platforms, as well as profound harm to society.Here, we would like to remind you to be vigilant, enhance the awareness of prevention, to avoid being cheated.Five, dating fraud swindlers in the dating website, post bar and other social platforms contact with the victim, through daily chatting with the victim to establish a good friend relationship, after getting familiar with a variety of reasons to defraud money.My grandpa didn’t sell his tea. My mother was hospitalized. Online love took you to invest in my family and owed a lot of money.Pretend to associate with the victim and establish a relationship, after a period of time with various reasons to ask the victim to ask for money, or asked to send amounts of 1314, 520, 3344 red envelope surface intention, was discovered after delete block friends.Routine 2: After getting acquainted with the victim through simple chat, he borrows money from the victim for daily trivial reasons such as not having enough money to buy vegetables or get intravenous drips, and says that he will return the money to the victim when he is paid. Finally, the victim is shielded.Routine 3: to add the wrong person excuse to add friends, said he was brokenhearted to win the victim’s sympathy, beg the victim according to her expression graph hair red envelope good take to show off to bestie, and said that absolutely will not open the money, the victim was deceived after the red envelope was all collected.Pattern 4:Liar disguise yourself as Grosvenor LTD handsome or Bai Fu beauty, through the dating sites, WeChat, for specifics, Momo, trill with the victim, who met after some “love offensive” in accordance with the fraud words quickly and its operation in a network in love, and when the time comes, give his master some gambling platform, investment and financing platform, lottery platform profit method,Recommend the victim to invest or bet.At the beginning, they will let the victim taste the sweetness first. After the victim believes in increasing investment, the platform will make all kinds of excuses to withdraw cash, fail or even close and run away, and the money invested by the victim will also be wasted!There are many other tricks, talking about money with friends hurts feelings, and talking about feelings hurts money with cheaters.Be careful who you make friends with, offline and online.There is love in the world, but do not help cheaters blunt KPI.The money.Be careful who you make friends with, offline and online.There is love in the world, but do not help cheaters blunt KPI.