Who are the four founders of communication studies?

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Speaking of communication, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Communication, also known as communication and communication, is a discipline that studies various communication activities by collecting various viewpoints and methodologies.So, who are the four founders of communication?Let’s take a look!Harold Raswell Harold Raswell is a renowned political scientist who has published more than six million words of scholarly work in many fields, including political science, sociology, propaganda, and communication.However, many of his achievements in communication studies are not well known to the public. Most people only identify him as the founder of communication studies based on one sentence and three functions in his paper “The Structure and Function of Communication in Society”, and he can also be regarded as a sociologist, psychologist and communication scholar.Kurt Lewin was a German-born American psychologist, founder of topological psychology, a late representative of Gestalt psychology, and one of the founders of communication.Lewin introduced psychological knowledge into communication studies to study the “approach to group living” and the influence of groups on individuals’ perceptions, motivations, desires, behaviors and tendencies.Karl Hovland is a famous experimental psychologist and a prominent figure in propaganda and communication research.Hovland was a pioneer in measuring the degree of attitude change through experimental method and verifying the effect of communication. He introduced persuasion theory into communication and experimental method into communication, which made his research very practical and realistic, which also became the typical style of empirical school in American communication.Della Zasfeld, a famous sociologist, graduated from the University of Vienna and received doctorates in philosophy, humanities and law. He is one of the four founders of communication studies.He proposed the “secondary communication theory”, which paved the way for the study of communication effect and communication mechanism.Lazarsfeld has made important contributions to research methods and is known as the “toolmaker” of communication studies.