Today, 66 patients in Quanzhou recovered and were discharged from hospital

2022-08-31 0 By

A total of 66 patients recovered and were discharged from the three designated hospitals in Quanzhou on March 27. Among them, 25 were from the east of The city, 27 were from the Huoweishan Makeshift Hospital, and 14 were from the infectious disease hospital (pictured in the east of the City, quanzhou). Among them, 3 were mild, 26 were asymptomatic, 37 were male, 43 were.23 women age distribution in the smallest of all ages 3 years old, biggest 66 medical workers for their sweet love gift bag of love in the gift bag have a hospital health guidance after discharge according to the provisions of health management monitoring gradually returned to normal life that occupy the home source: fujian daily reporter Huang Qiongfen, stream media editor: review of zhi-fan Chen: LeiGuangMei, NiBin