The 40-year-old was named serie A manager of the month despite four disastrous defeats this season

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Spezia are a fantastic promotion team.The second-year serie A side are out of the relegation zone without a big summer transfer.Former days in Genoa was fired young handsome Mota, also in this team completed a reverse attack.At present, the team has 26 points after 25 games, the team is 14th in the table, five points ahead of cagliari who are third from bottom.As long as the team behind not make a big mistake, relegation is basically no problem.And they are on course to surpass their 39-point total from last season.They need 14 more points to set a new league record with 13 games to go.In the past January 2022, Spezia has coached tiago at the age of 40.Motta led the team to a 3-1 record.These four games laid the foundation for the team to avoid relegation.The team has risen from 17th in the 20th round to 14th now.In all four games, the team won by one goal, beating AC Milan 2-1 and sampdoria and Genoa 1-0 twice.Unfortunately, the team lost 2-1 to Verona with caprari and simeone.All four of spezia’s previous league victories had come by a single goal, all by a score of 1-0 or 2-1.The Brazilian midfielder, who previously played for Inter milan and Greater Paris, has made a comeback in his full season as an independent coach.If current trends continue, motta could move to a bigger club in the future.Remarkably, Spezia beat salernitana, Venice and Genoa, their immediate relegation rivals.Against the strong teams of Milan and Napoli, they did not hesitate to win small victories.Against Milan, they scored twice in a row to complete the turnaround.Seven of the 13 losses have been by a single goal, most of them 2-1.This more or less shows the team’s limited ability and lack of experience.With better players in the squad, perhaps the goal is no longer to avoid relegation but to make a run for Europe.But the team’s seven wins came at a price.They were thrashed 5-2 at Atalanta, 3-0 at fiorentina, 4-0 at verona and 6-1 at lazio.But the fact that the team was able to stand up after four straight defeats and finish strong shows motta’s ability to coach on the spot and mentally.It’s worth noting that Spezia’s total value is just over $70 million, which is the second lowest among all 20 teams.Most of the team’s players are on loan, and there are only three players worth more than 5 million euros or so.However, the team conceded an impressive number of goals while scoring only 27 and scoring 25 points.They have conceded 46 goals in 25 games, with only four clean sheets.The coppa Italia defeat against serie B pordenoni still saw the team concede a goal.Next season, the team needs to complement the corresponding defensive line.After all, solid defense is essential for a team’s long-term survival in Serie A, and conceding too many goals is never a good thing.