“March 21” China Eastern Airlines flight accident press conference has found the main wreckage

2022-08-31 0 By

The National Emergency Response Headquarters of the China Eastern MU5735 aircraft accident held its fourth press conference on The afternoon of 24 March, announcing the progress of the search and rescue of the accident site.It was reported that the main debris recovered included: engine blade and turbine parts, engine pylon parts, left and right horizontal tail parts, aileron autopilot actuators and wing parts with partial wingtip winglets.Also found in the cockpit of the crew escape rope and crew manual fragments and some of the crew identification.At present, investigators are still at the scene to continue to carry out on-site investigation and important debris evidence work, for the next step to find out the cause of the accident.(Channel reporter He Ying, Li Jianfei, Zhang Hui, Wang Jie, Yin Zhilei, Li Fuyuan, Mo Xianglong) Column editor: Gu Wanquan, Zhang Wu, Text editor: Fang Ying source: author: CCTV