DNA comparison of 132 victims of China Eastern Airlines flight accident has been completed

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This article is from:Wuzhou, March 28 (Huang Yanmei, Huang Lingyan, Zhang Wenqian) “March 21” China Eastern MU5735 aircraft flight accident national emergency response headquarters held a press conference on 28 notified,DNA comparison of 132 victims has been completed, and measures for the transfer of remains and their classification are being improved.At present, the two black boxes of the crashed flight decoding work is under way.The Ministry of Public Security material evidence identification center of forensic division director liu, the meeting after the accident, the Ministry of Public Security immediately made the victims of the scheme for individual identification, set up special identification of the victims of DNA than work platform, organize national 20 provincial public security organs, the acquisition was 132 people on-board DNA samples and the relative DNA samples.The Center of Physical evidence Identification of the Ministry of Public Security sent a 30-member expert team to the scene and carried out the investigation together with more than 200 criminal technicians from Guangxi.At 9 o ‘clock that day, bi Zhong confirmed the identity of the last passenger.All 132 victims on board have been identified.On March 27, the second black box from the “March 21” MU5735 flight accident of China Eastern Airlines was safely sent to Beijing for follow-up treatment.Zhu Tao, director of the Aviation safety Office of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said at the conference that decoding of the two black boxes of the crashed flight was under way.But large air crash investigation only rely on the data provided by the black box is often not enough to restore the event all the truth, so in advance in decoding work at the same time also try our best to collect as much as possible the wreckage and video, witnessing the information related to the accident, classifying have found the wreckage of sorting, analysis, to video photographer and interview witnesses,Analyze the video shooting equipment, time, location and shooting Angle.Through these efforts, significant progress in the investigation will be made public in a timely manner.According to Zhu tao, the excavation of the core area of the accident site, the collection of victims’ remains and the cleaning up of the wreckage are being carried out in accordance with scientific and rigorous working principles.After the geological disaster emergency monitoring equipment was installed and put into use in the core area of the accident, the headquarters organized a re-evaluation of the geological disaster risk and the risk of unstable slope excavation in the core area, formulated a work plan for subsequent large-scale excavation machinery to enter and participate in the operation, and widened the peripheral access road leading to the core area.By 12 o ‘clock on March 28, 15,640 searchers had searched the core area and surrounding key areas repeatedly, covering a total area of 370,000 square meters and finding 36,001 pieces of wreckage and debris.In the peripheral area of the core area, in addition to the deployment of dragnet manual search, five uav aerial search teams were also organized, with a total search area of about 9.546 million square meters.Lu Yuzeng, a professor from Guilin University of Technology who participated in the joint Technical Team, said at the meeting that the technicians carried out in-depth investigation and analysis of the physical geography, topography, geological and hydrological conditions of the accident site, focusing on the structural damage to the ground and rock layers caused by the crash, and the detection of buried aircraft debris.Ground penetrating radar (GPR) was used to measure the damage of shallow rock layer caused by aircraft impact and the distribution of aircraft debris. Data processing and interpretation were completed on 24th, which basically mastered the rough distribution and depth of aircraft debris underground, providing support for the research and development of excavation plan of core area and search work.On the eighth day of the China Eastern Airlines plane crash rescue, zheng Xi, chief of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region fire rescue corps, said that the main task of the fire rescue team is to search for the remains of the victims and the wreckage of the plane.That day, heavy machinery was working deep at the crash site in the core zone.To prevent possible residual aircraft fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, such as compressed gas inflammable and explosive gas and liquid fire risk, fire rescue teams on March 27, launch site security monitoring, fire engines assembled from the periphery area laid two long trunk for hydraulic hose to about 2 km to the core area, prepared at high magnification in the bubble and release devices, set up defensive positions,At the same time, three mobile combustible and toxic gas detection teams were arranged to continuously carry out combustible and toxic gas concentration detection.In recent days, the Transportation department of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has organized more than 900 people to carry out geological exploration, slope monitoring, construction operations, on-site coordination and other work in accordance with the instructions of the search and rescue group. It has dispatched more than 30 sets of equipment such as small excavators, loaders, dump trucks, flatbed trucks and cranes, and put more than 9,000 pieces of bamboo slips.The total excavated earthwork volume in the core area and surrounding area is more than 17,000 cubic meters.On March 28, more than 80 people, including two large loaders, two large excavators with 14-meter long arms, and six small loaders and excavators, were deployed by the Guangxi Department of Transport to continue digging the wreckage and other material evidence in accordance with the operation scope designated by the civil aviation authorities.Zhong Changzi, mayor of Wuzhou city, Guangxi province, said 1,180 medical staff and psychological experts were dispatched to form a psychological assistance team to provide psychological and physical health services in a timely manner to meet the reasonable needs of families in accordance with the principle of one family, one team and one team.At present, the remains of the victims, relics from the Wuzhou funeral home for safekeeping, according to the relevant provisions, according to the law and regulations to carry out the relevant work.It is reported that as of 12 o ‘clock on March 28, there have been a total of 809 victims’ families to the scene of the accident.(after)