China stock market: Are prices low, but are bookmakers still selling?The truth is so shocking

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Why do makers continue to sell when prices are already low?Do not consider the so-called long zhuang and mixed zhuang first, the main capital to operate a stock, need a few stages, but in any case, must be a certain position to buy, after rising gradually shipped.Perch main force capital ran away, drop the stock that comes again where can sell?Some people say that margin, now can be how much margin, how high is the cost of margin?It doesn’t make sense for big money.There are only two types of people who sell in a short trend, the trapped bulls and the so-called short-term traders who make a short profit.For example, some people buy the bottom and make 3 points to take profits.Or some funds that stocks are undervalued, come in to buy, the results found to be set, can only stop the loss out.There is only one situation left, is to meet what you say, low main sell stocks, that is to suppress the suction.For example, before some main storehouse, there will be a trial action, a small amount of goods, and then fall down, hit a space to take goods.Even some long zhuang stocks in order to control the plate, regardless of the price level, the hand will always have 30% chips, in the next time to take goods to hit the plate.Main use of direct hit plate this way to let retail investors cut meat is the most effective for retail investors, no matter what short in the long style.Often once the stock is broken major investor can throw in the towel go out to cut flesh, what wait for retail investor to cut almost market is good;Many retail investors are waiting to sell stocks began to rise, suspecting that the main force is monitoring their accounts.The main use of bad news for retail investors to bear the stock price, and the stock price is also with bad news to suppress the stock price, so that the retail investors lose confidence in the stock, that the stock price will continue to fall;Is to catch retail fear and let retail cut flesh.The main use of capital to reverse to fake stock prices to drop signals, with the difference between the above dishing false, capital is also in the selling file has been five files hang super fall.But the funds will appear to clinch a deal large selling single, then the stock price will be depressed, in fact, these are only the main left hand to the right hand chip, is to create a panic situation, let retail investors obediently chip cut flesh out.How to choose the stock that has banker?Circulation dish small circulation dish small, banker realizes control dish very easy.If banker controls some current chip 50% above, share price nature can say what to say by banker, consequently small dish is pursued by banker the possibility is big.Everybody turns over daily line chart to be able to discover, almost all small dish shares have round fry an opportunity, many stocks rise surprisingly, the achievement is good rise justified and strong, the achievement is poor try every means to make point recombination, even some of the stock that does not have subject matter rises not by mistake, let everybody guess again after fry.The key to participate in small cap stocks is to grasp the opportunity to intervene, on the bottom of the shape of intact, no potential theme of the stock would rather believe that it has (zhuang, theme, opportunity), do not trust its no.Of course, when different banker considers current dish, still must choose the size of current dish according to the condition of oneself, what need to pay attention to among them is the proportion that collects chip, can allocate the amount of capital, the time that controls dish and ability, the cycle that does zhuang and chip exchange degree to wait.As a result of banker’s active intervention, originally depressing stock becomes active below the impetus of apparent magnification in turnover, appeared the situation that price rises quantity increases.Then, in order to give the future of the large pull up to mop up the obstacles, will be short – term profit plate forcibly washed, this washing plate behavior in the K line of the performance of Yin and Yang alternate with the horizontal disc shock.In the meantime, as a result of banker’s purpose is to want general investor to go out, accordingly, the K line form of share price often shows apparent “head” form.Stock price bottom when the stock price of a stock after a long period of substantial decline, often can appear the bottom of the stock price.When the main judge the bottom of the stock price, will be combined with the market environment at that time to judge whether the stock needs to rebound and whether the rebound space is profitable.If it is worthwhile to participate, the main force will actively collect the ultra low chips at the bottom, and then follow the trend of the rebound to raise the stock price, take the opportunity to profit;If the bottom of the stock price appears in the market or listed in the market, the main profit space is greater, the possibility of profit is higher, the possibility of the main positions is higher.Volume to the limit after the volume of stock prices after a long decline, volume can decline to the historical bottom near the average.The amplitude of the share price is getting smaller and smaller.When the main force enters, the amount can gradually enlarge, even put huge amount.That there may be a major intervention in the unit, should cause ordinary investors special attention.The unit hit 15.77 new lows after the first wave of rebound after falling, at this time the volume can again decline to the average volume of the new low near.Black box main entry, volume can be enlarged.After a period of continuous volume, the main force began to pull up, and finally rushed to a high of 32.36 yuan, doubling.To engage in trade, as in war, we must not only calculate the gains and losses, but also consider the overall situation, and arrange our troops to attack when it is right, and retreat when it is right.Money is the soldier, you are the general, and your decisions are the difference between life and death.”A wise man should rule the world by strategy”, and use troops to be fine, and strive to be steady, accurate and ruthless.Experts in the stock market often have the imagination to predict the future through observation and feeling.Inspiration comes from learning knowledge and accumulating experience, so as to realize the ability to predict the trend of the stock market.Inspiration is also known as the sixth sense.Long-term practical experience, the continuous accumulation of theoretical knowledge, as time passes, the mind acts upon a hint, can often grasp the future trend.It seems that, in due course, inspiration often occurs.Most traders get lost in stops and holds, which are much easier to stop.Stops can control risk, but success is all about being right and “holding”.Do not hold, can not achieve a small broad, earn a big loss of small concept.Most people are in the habit of making even, losing, etc., which is the direct cause of their failure.Only a penny of mind, never get two cents of harvest.Most people have to overcome their own this close, as soon as possible to realize their weaknesses are less likely to take detours!Stock is “gambling”, play is the mentality, win to be bold, lose to give up.To the market to earn money is not what great, see the market lost money can not be affected by the order then fierce.They are not lost in profitability, but died in the loss of the reluctant to cut, always fantasy can stand back.Allowing yourself to make mistakes and controlling your losses should be the ultimate goal.It’s hard to overcome yourself. I think I can understand my own faults and avoid being realistic.Only do their own sure market, do not want to do single so complex, simple and effective.If we find the right method according to our characteristics, we can live a long time in the market. Discipline and mental control are more important than technical improvement.Want to know more wonderful content, pay attention to dish person quickly