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JOJO fantastic adventure phantom blood director: Junichi Hwayama screenwriter: Araki Fei Luhiko starring: Small Sike yukiki/Green kawa light/water tree Nana/Hill force also/Iso bu Mitsu/etc…In late 19th century England, Dario Brando is mistaken by George Jostad for a rescuer when he tries to sack an aristocrat injured in a carriage accident.After Dalio died of illness, Dalio’s son DIO brando became the adopted son of the Jostas.In order to seize the family property, Dior persecuted George’s son Jonathan JoJo everywhere. He not only spread rumors among Jonathan’s friends, forcibly kissed his first lover Elena, killed Jonathan’s dog, but also attempted to poison George.Seven years after Tio is adopted, his plan to poison George is discovered by Jonathan, who befriends The rogue boss of Ghoul Street, Robert E. O. Spirtwagen, while tracking down the source of the poison.At the same time, Duo learns about the use of a ghoul mask that the Jostas use as part of their collection. By wearing the ghoul mask and smeared with blood, it can turn the wearer into a vampire.After Jonathan returns from Ghoul Street, he confronts the vampire-turned-Duo in a duel at the Jostar Mansion, wounding Duo badly as well.Jonathan gradually recovers under the care of Elena, and meets William A. Ziberin baron, who has been tracking down stone ghosts for A long time. Jonathan learns ripple Qigong from Ziberin in order to knock down Dior. This ability can bring down vampires through the energy produced by breathing.They took down the men sent by The Diors, and Kibelin was killed in the process, but before he died, he channeled energy to Jonathan, allowing Jonathan to defeat the Diors.Right after the battle, Jonathan and Elena got married in February 1889 and sailed to the U.S. for their honeymoon.Jonathan, mortally wounded, is forced to die with Duo, while Elena, who saved a baby, escapes by hiding in an iron coffin.Although Jonathan has passed away, the new life born in Elena’s body, and the baby Elena saved on the ship have inherited Jonathan’s noble spirit, a new story unfolds.PS: ~ Japanese subtitle ~ open big Jojo times more not to say that there is no dark shepherd and holy shepherd blessing screen directly and simply I don’t live!Jo-jo!