Practical application calculation of the theoretical weight quick-check table of steel bars with different number of sections and diameters

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Today, we calculated and counted the theoretical weight corresponding to the steel bars with different diameters. The horizontal axis in the table below represents the steel bars with different diameters, such as the diameter of the steel bars in the first row and column, where 6 means the diameter of the steel bars is φ6, and the theoretical weight of a single bar is 0.222kg/m, and the others are followed by analogy. Then take φ6 as an example.The number of different roots indicates the number of roots is….10, the number of steel bars, where φ6 and different number of steel bars in the cross-section area of 1 intersection, that is the number 28mm2, means that the cross-section area of 1 φ6 steel bars is 28mm2.When the cross-section area calculated by different number of reinforcement is 2mm, it means that the cross-section area of φ6 reinforcement is 57mm2 when the number of reinforcement is 2.And so on.(Note: the values in the table are rounded).Nominal diameterMm68101214 section area mm12850791131542571011572263083831512363394614113201314452615514225239356576961703024716789237198 different number of root reinforcement calculation35255079110778226402628904123) theory of single root weight 9255453707101713851028350278511301539 kg/m0.2220.3950.6170.8881.21 nominal diameterMm1618202225 section area mm12012553143804912402509628760982 different number of root reinforcement calculation136037639421140147348041017125615201964510051272157019002454612061527188422812945714071781219926613436816082036251330413Theory of single root weight 9279180922902827342144181020102543314037994906 kg/m1.582.002.472.983.85 nominal diameterMm2832364050 section area mm161680410181257196421232116091203625131392831847241330543770589242463321740725027785653079402 different number of root reinforcement calculation150896283982063695482661077540117817431056307125879613748849266434814310053157129554272389161113101767610615480381017412Theory of single root weight 56019625 kg/m4.836.317.999.8715.42 for example: if two root phi reinforcement length of 10 m, how to calculate the weight of reinforcing steel bar and the corresponding area?Through looking up the table, we found that φ10 steel bar, 2 cross section is 157mm2, and then the theoretical weight of the single root is 0.617kg/m, through calculation, 2 φ10 length 10m steel bar,10*2*0.617= 12.34kg.Have you learned?Thank you for watching today’s video, we will see you next time, if you like it, please give a like and forward attention oh, we share different architectural knowledge every day, thank you for your youth, you continue to support.