“New Year walk grassroots” for the masses to tie a happiness net

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The Spring Festival is the festival of reunion, but for the community, can let the district every family, every family can be round, happy and happy to have a good Spring Festival, don’t mention how happy.”Qilian community has a population of more than 22,000 people and nearly ten thousand households. In addition, it is located in the old and old urban areas, there are many poor people and floating population, and there are many residential areas without property, so the service and management of the whole community is always full of uncertainty.”As the party secretary of the community, Yang Xiuqin, who should have left more free time for her family during traditional festivals, had to fight side by side with her sisters in the community to stick to the front line of the post.”Director Li, the telephone of duty room rings, answer it quickly, see who is calling?”Yang Xiuqin urged.”Secretary, telephone that inhabitant reflect say village power failure, someone was accused in elevator, let contact property and inhabitant group to deal with immediately.””Quick, quick, tell the residents we’ll be there as soon as possible.”February 3, the third day of the Lunar New Year.Reporter is interviewed in qilian community, just catch up with this scene of duty room.Director Li on the phone is Called Li Yanhong, an old community worker, experienced, resolute.”There are more communities managed by our community, and more people visit relatives and friends during the Spring Festival. Although it is a bit troublesome to deal with the power failure, every staff on duty in the community will do their best to coordinate and help ensure the safety and comfort of the people during the festival.”Li yanhong confidently said, as a Qilian, to serve the residents well is to add luster to the community.Qilian community covers a total area of 0.96 square kilometers, equivalent to 140 standard football fields.It’s not easy for 39 people to worry about such a large area.Therefore, every traditional festival, most of the staff will take the initiative to give up the time to accompany their families to go on duty.”As long as epidemic prevention and control, emergency response, hidden danger investigation, social management and other things that serve the people’s livelihood and safeguard the people’s livelihood happen in our jurisdiction, we will cooperate with relevant departments to deal with them and give feedback.”Gu Lihua, deputy secretary of the Community Party Committee, said that community workers are the closest to the masses and the most familiar with the situation in their jurisdiction. Once an emergency occurs, we are the “good wife” of relevant departments, which makes it easy to deal with all kinds of emergencies and accidents efficiently at the first time.”Doing community work well requires a combination of feet, vision and brain power.”Yang Xiuqin said, foot strength is to walk solid, sink, deep;Eyesight is to see widely, see far and keep an accurate eye;Brain is to think much, to think well, to distinguish really, to talk but not practice, to see but not to think thoroughly, not to think and not to do well.In these requirements, “foot strength” is the most basic is also the most fundamental.It is often said that good cadres at the grassroots are all “running” out.In the interview, the reporter followed Gu Lihua walk stores, into the community, visiting households, gu Lihua saw disharmonious behavior and behavior will take the initiative to ask, say, advise.”There are 25 communities in our jurisdiction, and there are thousands of commercial stores. Whoever is on duty should wade through it as much as possible. This is not only responsible for ourselves, but also for every resident in the community.”Gu lihua said.A thousand things, in the final analysis is the matter of thousands of families.One end of the community connected with the Party committee and government, one end connected with the residents.Let residents Spring Festival at ease, every fine and subtle things are done to the extreme, but not easy.But isn’t every community worker telling unforgettable Moments and stories about China by giving up their small homes and caring for everyone’s love and friendship?Thumbs up for community workers!Part of the media pictures, articles from the network, copyright belongs to the original author, if related to copyright and copyright, please contact us in time, will be paid according to the “Jiayuguan Daily Article Payment Method”.Contact :0937-6287604