Master Xu Yun has three stories: fox spirits punish lazy people, swarms of bees warn, and Japanese invaders destroy people

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In the spring of 1945, Master Xuyun left Yunmen Temple to preach precepts at Nanhua Temple.There are two monks in Yunmen Temple, one named Gugen, the other named Fax, living together in a simple dwelling.Gugen had a slight illness and could not go to the temple to recite Buddha’s lessons in the evening.Two people sleep at night, when a boss hand from outside tu into, almost all the door to the plug, then a shadow figure in, grabbed the fax, threw it on the ground and beat and scold, he said: “the bodhisattva in escorting, waiting for your enlightenment, you are so lazy, don’t go to work, don’t do homework, I do not know shame, the dozen!”Then the figure hit the fax ass a dozen times.Gugan woke up when he heard the noise, only to see a dark figure flash away.He was so scared that he called out to the public to see, only to see fax’s butt was beaten black and bruised, groaning and lying for a month.The next night, a brave monk, unconvinced by evil spirits, went to stay in their abode and waited for the shadow to come and fight him.It turned out that the monk was a soldier, but also martial arts, holding an iron bar, sleeping on a fax bed.In the evening, the shadow came again. The monk was about to jump up to fight, but he could not move as if he were bound.Now that you have become a monk, you should have compassion and get rid of your military habits. You still want to fight with me.I will not beat you today, and only when you repent will YOU be punished.”Then the shadow disappeared and the monk got out of bed and ran away, never daring to stay here again.Four months later, Master Xuyun came back and heard about it.One night when he was meditating, he saw an old man in blue with a white beard come up to him and said to him apologetically, “Disciples have lived in the back mountain for hundreds of years.When you went to Nanhua Temple, I happened to be out. My grandson has been punished by me for his rudeness and disturbing the monks. Now I come to apologize to you.”Master Xuyun said, “Since we are different in shape, we should treat each other kindly. You should not appear in the future.”The old man then paid his respects and went away, and no shadow disturbed him again.Later, I heard from the local people that there had always been foxes on the mountain behind yunmen Temple.In November 1944, Nanhua Temple to do water and land ashram.During the previous month, numerous large bees, as big as a thumb, had come to the temple.The honeycomb was exquisitely built, piling on top of each other like ripples on the surface of the water, without any disturbance, and it was built in four colors that were particularly bright and beautiful.Later, the monks found another beehive in a tree outside the gate of Caoxi. It was huge and far larger than the first two.And the bees don’t sting. They fly in and out with the regularity and discipline of an army.The monks and the people all say that this is a spiritual bee coming to the Buddha.When Master Xuyun came to Nanhua Temple from Yunmen Temple to preside over the ashram, he looked at the hives for a long time and said, “They are called remy bees (it is said that they are also called hornets). Usually they live in the remote mountains and forests and people can hardly see them.To be here now, I’m afraid something big is about to happen.”Then he went away with a heavy heart.That afternoon, he said to Koji Cenxuelu, “All the bees with their heads are flying out, which indicates that there will be a war here, but it doesn’t matter.If anything should happen, I’ll send for you.”As soon as the shui Lu Taoist rites were completed, Master Xu Yun returned to Yun Men Temple.In December of that year, the Japanese invaders captured Qujiang. On the evening of 18th, a group of bandits came to rob Nanhua Temple, coveting the money of the guests who had hidden in the temple to escape the war. The bandits carried the property out of the temple.In less than an hour, the monks sent by Master Xuyun to pick up Koji Cenxuelu arrived.It means he can see what’s going on.After the city of Guangzhou was captured by the Japanese invaders, the provincial office was moved to Qujiang.At that time, a large number of national military and political dignitaries gathered here, and some even visited Nanhua Temple from time to time.After the Japanese aggressors reconnaissance, that they are borrowed temple office.One day in July 1942, many high-ranking officials came to the temple.At this time the Japanese aggressors have learned in advance, the sky came to eight enemy planes, around the temple flight, has not left, the intention of bombing the temple and important personnel.Seeing this, Master Xuyun urgently ordered all the monks to return to their lakehouses and stay there. He also ordered all the important men to enter the temple of patriarch.Master Xuyun enters the temple alone, and the dignitaries stand by, preaching preaching with lighted incense sticks.Before long, a plane swooped down and dropped a big bomb, which was about to fall into the temple. A gust of wind blew and the bomb fell sideways, hitting the forest by the river outside the temple. Fortunately, no one was injured.These planes circled in the sky outside the temple for a long time, but the wind did not stop. Later, at Ma Ba, ten miles to the west of the temple, two enemy planes collided with each other due to the strong wind. As a result, the planes were destroyed and people were killed.From then on the Japanese aggressions aircraft did not dare to bombing, even to fly over the Nanhua Temple, but also to detour, hide far away.