Interview with Wang Yuyan, director of Lu ‘an Housing and Construction Bureau

2022-08-30 0 By

Wang Yuyan, director of the City’s Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, said in an interview with this reporter that the city’s housing system adhere to the problem and goal oriented, to promote the remediation of prominent problems in the field of housing and construction, and focus on enhancing the temperature of the people’s livelihood and the feelings of the people.Wang Yuyan, director general of Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau: The municipal Housing and Urban-rural Development Department will thoroughly implement the municipal Party Committee’s “people-centered development thought thematic study and education”, and pay close attention to the whole process.We should link up special rectification with study and education, investigation and research, and examination of problems, and strengthen interaction between upper and lower levels and linkage between departments.Implement project-based promotion, billing type sales number, identify the entry point of special rectification, determine the target task, clear responsibility subject, progress time and work measures, promote the implementation of item by item.First, we will strengthen education and study.In combination with the actual situation of lu ‘an housing construction, with learning and education as the guide, through theoretical study, special discussion, advanced story report, typical case warning education and other ways, cadres are encouraged to enhance the consciousness of “two maintenance” in action, and constantly improve political judgment, political understanding and political execution.Progress was made in the study and education on people-centered development ideology in the housing and construction sectors.2) Overall deployment arrangements.Through study and discussion, comparative inspection, notification of typical cases, public evaluation, special campaigns to address prominent problems in the field of recruitment, compensation, and resettlement, and measures to handle matters assigned by provincial governors when they receive visits, we coordinated efforts to effectively resolve all kinds of appeals in the housing and construction sector.We will work out a timetable for each link, map out a roadmap, carefully organize their implementation, thoroughly investigate problems, strengthen the rectification of problems, and form a long-term mechanism.3. Third, carry out special rectification.Focusing on the “special campaign to address prominent problems in the field of expropriation, compensation and resettlement”, we focused on addressing problems in the real estate market, expropriation and resettlement, and the quality of construction projects. We deepened and fulfilled the work of “honoring promises, upholding trust, and resolving demands”, and focused on realizing, safeguarding, and developing the fundamental interests of the people.The URBAN Housing And Urban-rural Development Bureau will take the opportunity of implementing the “People-centered Development Thought thematic study and education” of the Municipal Party Committee as an opportunity, adhere to problem-oriented and goal-oriented, make every effort to promote the rectification of prominent problems in the field of housing and urban-rural development, resolve conflicts in an orderly manner, and strictly fulfill its commitments.Insist on empathy, empathy.Focus on improving housing and urban and rural construction work people’s livelihood temperature, feelings for the people.Source | Anhui News Network