Icbc Bayannur Branch to prevent telecom network fraud theme publicity activities

2022-08-30 0 By

In order to continuously improve the public’s financial security knowledge and anti-fraud and anti-gambling awareness, effectively curb illegal activities such as telecom and Internet fraud and cross-border gambling from the source, build a defense line against fraud and anti-gambling, standardize the stable financial payment service market order, and maintain the healthy development of the economy and society.Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Bayannur Branch organized its sub-branches to carry out the “prevention of telecom network fraud” theme publicity activities.Strengthen the banking industry’s social responsibility and propaganda responsibility.Icbc bayinnaoer branch outlets in the promotion of the position role into full play, through the network electronic display screen, self-service banking terminal rolling play cheat don’t bet on intellectual, folding put propaganda, exhibition stand, poster etc, will explain to the form of financial consumer popularity to prevent illegal fund raising, value personal credit, strengthen risk awareness, prevent telecom fraud,Carry out the “cut card” action, legal use of accounts and other financial knowledge.Actively carry out online spread knowledge of telecommunications networks to prevent fraud, folding, site on related cases, face to face told telecoms networks to prevent fraud, to crack down on cross-border gambling knowledge as well as the risk of account sale, how far away from them, etc, to point with surface, expand the influence, so as to improve the risk prevention consciousness of the masses.