Here are three amazing ways a green tea lady can deal with a man, and we should all learn from them

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“Green tea girl” is a catchphrase on the Internet in recent years.When people point out that a woman in a relationship is a “green tea lady,” it’s usually done with disdain and put-down.Alluding to this female unscrupulous, no bottom line, duplicity, in order to achieve their goals will make scheming.And a lot of people refer to someone as a “green tea lady” with a sense of superiority. The subtext behind it is: “I am not as popular as she is, but I am more moral than she is, I am more honest than she is, I am not deceitful or scheming.”They look innocent and pitiful, obviously ambitious, but with some euphemistic ways to achieve the goal, often especially easy to be men’s fall in love, trust, really annoying.So “green tea girl” has become a solid derogatory term, the mention of “green tea” makes people disgusted.But I want to say, in the relationship, all practical, easy to use methods should be we learn, research, use.If a relationship is important to us, what does it matter if it’s “green tea”?There are many characteristics of the so-called “green tea women” and their way of dealing with relationships that are worth learning from.01 Guide men to pay, increase the “sunk cost” often heard some female friends righteously indignant complaint: “is that the fox seduced my man away, men are blind?I do his washing and cooking, and I do everything diligently. I never spend money recklessly. I save and save all his money.The fox let him buy things every two days, spending his money like water, clearly is for his money.It’s easy to see who’s real and who’s fake, so why don’t men know?”This is really not wrong, a good woman wholeheartedly intend to live a good life with a man, wholeheartedly consider for each other, consider for the future of two people, just want to let each other reduce the burden, would rather wronged themselves, bearing forward.But the “green tea woman”, on the surface is also for each other to consider, put away the gift but not soft, three days to ask men to help out with money and effort.Not long ago, there was a news on the Internet that a woman deceived a rich second husband into spending tens of millions of dollars on her under the pretext of falling in love, and even went into debt for her consumption.When the money of the rich second generation is all spent, the woman goes abroad very quickly, the rich second generation struggles to find, cannot find, just know oneself cheated.The onlookers all sighed, with such a good condition, what kind of good girl can not find, how to fall in love with a cheater.But careful analysis, can discover “green tea female” can take the man really hold dead.Most people feel good when they give, when they help.In particular, they got positive feedback for their efforts. After buying bags and shoes for women, women praised and thanked them unstinently, which had long fascinated them.And some “good women”, when meeting a man to send flowers and bags, will only refuse: “buy these for what, waste money.”Men’s enthusiasm by a great setback, and how willing to continue willing to pay?And once you start, you can’t stop.The green tea lady just needs to play hard to get and make the man feel like he doesn’t have it all, so he’ll keep giving.Because once you stop, all the previous efforts are wasted, which is the psychology of “sunk cost.”Unwilling to pay in vain, will let a man spend more money, completely inseparable from the other side, but also to the other side very cherish.This is not “bitchy”, this is true humanity.Good women certainly don’t have to be like “green tea women” who squeeze their men dry and then dump them in a flash.But trying to guide, accept, and praise a man for his efforts is a huge benefit to the relationship.When green tea women talk, they follow a set pattern.Maybe you feel insincere, hypocritical, can listen to the person actually listen.In legend of Zhen Huan, Zhen Huan is the best among the green tea girls.Be the last winner and have the last laugh.A careful study of Zhen’s communication style turns out to be irresistible.Zhen Huan is oppressed by the Imperial concubine and hates her very much, but she doesn’t complain to the emperor and asks him to punish her.But for the sake of the emperor, analysis to the emperor, the current is not the best time to punish the Concubine.The emperor knows he can’t punish concubine Hua, and Zhen is certainly wronged. He gently soothes her, but Zhen says, “As long as it is for the emperor, the concubine will not feel wronged.”In contrast to the domineering Concubine, Zhen huan shows her wisdom and understanding, and makes the emperor feel guilty about her.Although the imperial concubine did not appear to have the upper hand, in fact, in the emperor’s mind, the balance had already tipped in favor of Zhen Huan.This is something many women need to learn.Of course, our intention is not to harm people, but in communication, the first need to stand on the other side of the point of view of consideration.Take the plight of many women in the face of men cheating, when women encounter this kind of thing, anger can be imagined.The common way is to blame the man, angry, strong demand that the man must break off relations with the small three.They have a “right and wrong” mindset: I was right, you were wrong, you have to listen to me, you have to fix it right now, you have to apologize.Now we need to switch our thinking to “human thinking” and think from the perspective of human nature: if a person will cheat, it must be because he feels unhappy in the original relationship that he will seek out.A new relationship, no matter how short it is, is full of love and can never be broken off.If you can stand on a man’s point of view and express that it is not easy for you to understand the difficulties he is facing and to quickly cut off the relationship with the mistress based on emotion and reason, you are willing to give him time.This kind of trust and understanding, will inevitably gently pry a man’s heart, without the cost of a soldier, has pulled the man to his side.One common trait of “green tea women” is that they don’t put their heart and soul into every relationship.They may be playing, may be for wealth, in short, will not put their own everything in this relationship.Good women do not need to learn their deception and insincerity, but need to learn their eccentricity.That is: this relationship let me enjoy, nourish, I fully to enjoy this relationship.When this relationship gets uncomfortable, I can always let it go.This kind of “separation” not only protects oneself, but also reduces the other party’s burden and makes both parties more comfortable with each other.”You are my first man must be responsible for me!””We made a pact to stay together forever.”These persistent, is deviated from the reality of idealism, after setbacks are very easy to make people frustrated.However, putting both body and mind into this relationship will inevitably lead to excessive demands and expectations on the other side. If the other side behaves in a slightly different way and makes you dissatisfied, it will cause overreaction.Just like many young girls who have just fallen in love, they want to see what their boyfriend is doing 24 hours a day, and they want him to be available and devoted to them.They are also unable to enjoy other aspects of life, unable to develop new interests and hobbies, and even often worry about personal gains and losses, affecting their work.Their devotion to love, at the beginning may make men very moved, but as time goes by, it often brings men great pressure.A man will feel boxed in, always on the lookout for emotional outbursts, and will want to escape over time.The people who really shine, the ones you can’t take your eyes off, are the ones who are focused on being themselves and living the life they love and enjoy.They don’t have to spend time and energy pleasing each other, and they don’t have to figure out what clothes and makeup each other likes.Just do what makes you happy and maintain a high energy level.A woman who is always optimistic and enthusiastic, and does what she loves very well, is easy to infect and attract each other.A woman who is inseparable from a man is naturally more attractive than a woman who is surrounded by a man all the time.All in all, “green tea” is just a label, the so-called “tea talk tea talk” also depends on who uses it, how to use it.A smart, intelligent woman will always find her own room for improvement and learn from others to improve her relationship and ultimately her happiness.Author | water stop heal divisions, with the Chinese Academy of Sciences psychological consultant qualification, IHNMA hypnotist international certificate, to explore the depth of human nature and great.