Factory price direct sales!Earthsound went home at 149,800

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NISSAN offers spring fun!-15 in-house special offer seats, up to 20,000 + subsidy, first come, first served!24-hour special line :0371-55328000!From 1000 yuan in advance to 4000 yuan in insurance vouchers!The whole car factory price direct sales, only impulse regardless of the cost!Choose factory shop: factory price direct sales, models, car source, zero waiting to pick up the car!!!Out of the ceremony: during the activity for the network invited customers into the store with taxi receipts reimbursed zhengzhou downtown round-trip fare, let you see the car without worry!Special discount gift: during the event order task models can enjoy factory price direct sales!Some models as low as 20% off!Financial gift: the whole series of models installment down payment as low as 20%, more 2-3 years of interest-free super value enjoy!Another factory enjoy 5 years of double car free subsidies!Replacement gift: free used car evaluation, free glass water, free nitrogen charging.Enjoy another high 16000 yuan special car replacement subsidies!Escort gift: During the event, you can enjoy the warm air blower to provide you with warm after the end of the escort period!Recommendation gift: old customers recommend new customers to buy a successful car can get 800 yuan points!Buy Dongfeng Nissan why run around, to the factory to buy!Address: South third Ring Expressway and eighth Avenue interchange north 200 meters road west!VIP hotline :0371-55328000!(A small program has been added here, please go to the Understand Car emperor client to view)