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The best learning is to reflect on the past, people with dreams are worthy of respect, also let people envy.When most people are mediocre and busy for the reality, stick to it, don’t be afraid to be different, what kind of life you should have, it is you yourself to write.Life without reflection is not worth living. Don’t let today’s laziness become difficult in the future.Only continue to study hard, is the best way to break the game of life.Laziness makes poverty, wisdom creates beauty!Good morning [Sun]3. Spending time in useless social activities when you could have honed your skills;I can change myself, but I waste my time in watching dramas and games…Loneliness is actually a person’s best appreciation period, this world a lot of very cow things, are a person alone when stem out!4, a person really mature standard, not how well his work, not how old he is, it is not how much he can speak out the truth, but after he grew up whether realize that don’t give others to bring pressure on the road, or trying to through their own efforts to reduce others’ pressure 5, let oneself heart rich rise, you can be in the eye with the world complain about useless!The world will always rely on strength to speak, there is no uninvited lucky, only prepared amazing.There are no geniuses in this world, only stupid people who don’t work hard.When you are not strong enough to a certain extent, there is no need to complain about your situation everywhere, silently do what you should do, and when you become good enough, there will naturally be someone worthy of you and pull you into a better circle. At that time, you will stand at a new height and embrace more beautiful scenery.No matter what you are experiencing, please don’t give up easily, because there is never a insist will be disappointed.Who’s life is not thorns, life never achieved overnight, nor will it be safe forever, as long as you work hard, you can do unique ordinary valuable own.Life, half is memories, half is to continue.Give all the unhappiness to yesterday, all the hope to tomorrow, all the efforts to today.At twenty, not at thirty, not rich at forty, and failure at fifty depends on son help.Parents to call the background, their own dozen called Jiangshan!Don’t pretend to work hard, because the result will not accompany you acting!Tell yourself to work hard every day, even if you can’t see hope, you still believe in yourself.Stress is not about someone trying harder than you, it’s about someone several times better still trying.Every good person has a period of silence.