Behind the peaceful New Year, there is such a group of people

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The Spring Festival is home Is reunion but for “p thousand car supply” have different meaning for the police to protect jurisdiction they home for everyone with grassroots police officers to guard the people have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival with loyalty and commitment practice clank oath Jacky chan provincial public security department division section chief during the Spring Festival,”P thousand car supply” activities in support of pingxiang AnYuan police station hall division of civilian police substation suburbs Jacky chan and colleagues to hold, to make full use of the masses the timing of the holiday home, into the country, into the community, one door, keen to visit, to install and use knowledge propaganda against fraud, help the masses countries against fraud APP;Enter the mall, the hotel Internet bar, carry out safety inspection, renovation, to the masses to promote the convenient use of e-card scenarios, “I do practical things for the masses” measures for the convenience of the people.Wei Shihong, a 53-year-old instructor of jiujiang Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Traffic Control Brigade in Chaisang Sub-bureau, volunteered to participate in the activity of “thousands of police and thousands of cars go to the grassroots” at Yanfang Police Station of Yongxiu County Public Security Bureau.Rainy during the Spring Festival, jurisdiction, Wei Shihong braved the rain car tour and tour, when he returned to the institute took off his wet cotton cloth shoes, police found a large lump, his sole of original gout for many years, he can only wear special cloth cotton shoes, and walk for a long time will be pain, but this is an old comrade, he overcome pain, found that 10 in road safety hidden trouble,And carried out rectification one by one.Fu Zongwen, police officer of Branch Letter detachment of Nanchang Public Security Bureau, sank to the grassroots police station of branch open of Nanchang Public Security Bureau to carry out his work.On The New Year’s Eve of January 31, Fu Zongwen participated in the duty preparation of the police station, carried out patrol and fire prevention inspection in key parts of the area under his administration, and visited Magna Company, a key enterprise that does not stop work or production during the Spring Festival. He integrated himself into the work and life of the police station with practical actions, and spent a significant Spring Festival at the grassroots level.Zhou Youliang yifeng County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade police Zhou Youliang yifeng County public Security Bureau traffic police brigade police dispatched to Fangxi police station to work.Zhou Youliang took advantage of the new crowd within market distribute all kinds of publicity materials, face to face on the overcrowding, overload, cargo mixed, the dangers of drunk driving and so on traffic violations, and hang on the “Spring Festival travel safety tips” banner, consciously abide by traffic regulations advocacy and the masses, resist the bad traffic, travel safety civilization.For many people, it is an indispensable thing to burn incense and worship ancestors in the New Year and pray in the temple after the New Year. The temples under the jurisdiction of Huating Police Station in The Guangxin District of Shangrao city have welcomed many pilgrims. In order to prevent crowded and stampede events and to do epidemic prevention work,Li Yingchun, a political and engineering police officer, and the auxiliary police of the local police station went to the temples in their jurisdiction to patrol and inspect and remind pilgrims to wear masks correctly.Zeng Penghui, a police officer of legal Affairs Brigade of Mingyueshan Branch of Yichun Public Security Bureau, went down to Wentang Police Station of Mingyueshan.At 9 o ‘clock in the evening, in the night patrol on duty, found a little girl on the roadside, has been calling grandpa, but no family.Zeng Penghui in all around to help the little girl looking for family fruitless, then the girl back to the house.At the police station, the police learned the girl’s family contact information when they were asking her for comfort, and immediately contacted her family.Twenty minutes later, the girl’s mother arrived at the police station to pick her up.It is reported that the little girl’s mother is a foreign tourist, today with family to yichun City Wentang town tourism, inadvertently lost the little girl, the police help to find and take care of the little girl is extremely grateful.Hu Qiudong, the municipal police detachment of Jingdezhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, was dispatched to No.20 Middle School of Jingdezhen to support the police. With the sound of the 2022 New Year bell, Hu Qiudong, the municipal police detachment of Jingdezhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, said goodbye to the students of No.2 Middle School of Jingdezhen.He volunteered to carry out street patrol, social meeting prevention and control, service for the masses and other work in the city’s Taoyang Li Royal Kiln scenic spot, comprehensively improving the police rate and the charge rate, escorting visitors to and from the royal kiln factory, ensuring the security and stability of social meeting during the Spring Festival, and contributing to polishing the name card of the porcelain capital tourist city.During the Spring Festival, Xiushui County Public Security Bureau forest branch police in shankou police station Hu Ruofei volunteered to be on duty in the office.On duty, he strictly in accordance with the work requirements, solid work, enthusiastic service to the masses, actively involved in patrol visits, conflicts and disputes mediation, maintenance of rural road traffic order and other work.Due to his duty, he could not reunite with his family, so his wife and their two-year-old son went to accompany him to celebrate the Spring Festival. His wife accompanied him to do hygiene, cook breakfast and paste Spring Festival couplets together.He actively resolved conflicts and disputes. During the Spring Festival, he resolved 6 conflicts and disputes of all kinds.Xing-fu Chen tang yi county public security bureau police forest bureau chung county public security bureau police xing-fu Chen forest bureau of righteousness, the original is nie forest bureau deputy director of the police station, the “police thousand car supply” activities, xing-fu Chen returned to the original district nie township, make full use of the familiar with the situation of mountain of society, actively carry out “three on three” activities, for the masses of aggravation.Early in the morning on February 5, the area of liantang village two residents clamour to the police station, both sides of the argument, Chen Xingfu quickly stepped forward to ask, understand that is because of the allocation of ecological public welfare forest subsidies, Chen Xingfu moved, to reason, persuade both sides to concede a step.Finally, the two sides shook hands on Chen xingfu’s persuasion. The villagers gave Chen a thumbs-up and finally said, “Xing Fu, I am so happy to meet you.”Fang Shuai, Tao Yong Zixi County Public Security Bureau police Zixi County Public Security Bureau Interpol brigade Fang Shuai support Zixi County Gaotian police Station.As the police grew up from the police station, now back to the familiar post, Fang Shuai feel warm.During the Spring Festival on duty, Fang Shuai and from the traffic police brigade rank branch support police Tao Yong meet at the same time, Interpol + traffic police police joint, let the work with half the effort.Two people on the road patrol traffic safety, together into the village propaganda against telecom fraud knowledge, investigation rural road, vehicle safety.In two days, I went through 8 administrative villages in Takata township, took the initiative to mediate 2 disputes among the masses, publicized anti-telecom fraud knowledge, and guided the installation of “National anti-fraud center APP” to benefit more than 100 people.Sweet Jing ‘an County Public Security Bureau police security room police “Jing ‘an people New Year, I will protect.”Jing ‘an County Public Security Bureau police Support office in Renshou police station comrade Wenxin said, although absent from the family reunion, but never absent from the shoulder of the responsibility.On duty, duty preparation, patrol, police become his required courses.In the streets, in the countryside, in the people’s homes, he always sticks to the forefront of the Spring Festival security with high morale.Regardless of the cold weather, he took the streets channelback lanes, posted propaganda slogans, sincere communication with the people, enhance the prevention of pornography, gambling and drug awareness, for the peace of civilization and harmonious jingan contribution to their own strength.