At this restaurant in Harbin, which dates back to 1979, locals drink at 7am, but outsiders can’t get used to it

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Smoked sauce is a general term for sauce food and smoked food in Harbin. In Harbin, there are rows and rows of shops with various time-honored names of smoked sauce meat.If you want to eat the most authentic Harbin meat, you have to choose something. Today, I’d like to introduce a traditional smoked sauce, which is very popular among the local people.This shop is also an old one. It is said that it was opened in 1979, which is more than 40 years old. It can be said that it is one of the earliest smoked sauce shops.The manager has changed and now a uncle is in charge.Many of his customers have grown up as a way of life.The shop is small, but after several renovations, it still looks small and tidy.Come here to eat is the old guest, want to eat this mouth, have to go early, open the door at seven in the morning, there are already old customers sitting eating meat and drinking, don’t mention how free.After a dozen samples of smoked sauce, you’ll soon be disappointed if you’re late.In the shop window, there are various dishes, each on a plate like a marinade.Pork brain, tofu rolls, braised chilli, elbow, beef and pine nut tripe are all popular dishes in the restaurant.The biggest feature of the store is his old soup. After years of cooking, he has accumulated rich gelatinous soup and rich sauce flavor, which is also the unique advantage of the old store.And smoked products should be smoked in special smoked furnace, after a few hours, more than a dozen procedures can be out of the pot, the product made full meat, crisp tender and delicious.The size of each serving is also large, which is another reason for their popularity.Looking only at this portion of pine kernel tripe, the pile has piled on top of each other and filled to the hillock.Choose the year pig, remove the grease in the belly, soak to remove impurities, steamed soup for the bottom, out of the pot belly crisp taste fragrance, is also the first choice of many people.The pig brain is highly recommended by the boss, each serving is a complete pig brain, 25 yuan a.The taste of pig’s brain is very delicate, very tender, and it tastes like bean curd, but it has a strong sauce flavor.There are many people who are addicted to it, but it does contain high cholesterol and is not recommended to eat more.Dried bean curd is a nutritious vegetarian dish, and the price is also cheap, 6 yuan a plate.The guests drink more than they eat, so his dishes are not soft, belong to a bit chewy, the more chewy, the more fragrant that kind, so beef, pork elbow, tripe is the favorite of the wine customers.Old ha-ha have the habit of going to the pub at noon, but outsiders may not be used to eating, do not know such a pub, big wine and meat pie you like?