Absolutely flat + point kill!She is the real captain of China

2022-08-30 0 By

China beat Japan in a penalty shootout to reach the final of the Asian Women’s Cup.This match can be said to watch the fans are excited, but also let the Chinese women’s football team broke the spell of six years of defeat in Japan.And this game of the first meritorious minister, is undoubtedly on the field captain Wang Shanshan.She scored a last-minute equaliser and a crucial penalty kick to lead the Chinese women’s football team into the final.After the game, Wang Shanshan was also elected without suspense the best player.As a generation of Chinese women’s football veteran, Wang Shanshan at the moment perfect interpretation of the role of turning the tide.Fans were also excited to say that she is the real Captain of China!Wang Shanshan was elected the best of the game Wang Shanshan has been as a forward position, but this game because of injuries and tactical impact, she had to sacrifice themselves to the central defender position.It was a bold move, but it paid off pretty well.Although there were some mistakes in the game, but in general, Wang Shanshan’s performance in the game is still impeccable.Her goal in the 119th minute showed her keen sense of smell and outstanding footwork as a striker.Attack and defense at both ends of the dedication play into attack, retreat can defend.Fans jokingly after the game, Wang Shanshan this offensive is Harland, defense is turned into Ramos.Such a joke, just explained to wang Shanshan this field play affirmation.As the field captain, Wang Shanshan in both offensive and defensive dedication is very excellent play.As the last player to take a penalty kick in the shootout, she replaced the pressure with calmness and composure, leading the Chinese women’s football team to create a miracle.For many years, Wang Shanshan has been a mainstay of the women’s national soccer team.No matter how the leadership changes, her position is still unshakeable.The reasons for this are not hard to analyze: diligence, sureness and medium ability.However, because of wang Shuang’s ability to exceed ordinary people, Wang Shanshan’s dedication in the team will be ignored a lot of times.However, she has repeatedly stepped forward to save women’s football at critical moments.This time wang Frost due to injury absence, Wang Shanshan is also without dispute to prove their ability and value, but also abandoned their own body “abuse of vegetables” label.Such a good performance, also let Wang Shanshan after the game to get the title of the best player of the match.Fans say Wang shanshan is the real Captain of China.Indeed, as a veteran, Wang Shanshan did the dedication without reservation in the field, but also with their own courage infected every member of the team.For such a player, xiaobian said have to respect.