35 years old by divorce, the road in the future how should I go down

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After dinner, you calmly said to me: it is better to divorce us!Instead of crying or struggling, I calmly said “um” and went back to my room and closed the door and cried silently.This scenario has been rehearsed countless times in my mind, but it still hurts when it actually happens.I fell in love with him at the best age and gave him the best years of my life. In order to let him feel at ease in the front, I was willing to become a full-time wife. At the beginning, I was obviously very happy, except that I had no children.But when did it start to change? Did you share with me less and less about my work? Did you tease me that I didn’t know how to dress?Anyway, our daily communication from a hug and a kiss to now is limited to: you come back, today I made your favorite sweet vinegar ribs, what do you want to eat tomorrow.In fact, such an outcome has long been expected, I have been in situ mark time, and you are trying to run, you run too fast too far, I with you the distance also opened too far.I also want to accuse you like a bitch broke at the beginning of vow, it is you let me do a full-time wife, now is to abandon me keep up with you, but the results will not change as a result, you will only feel I am a nasty gum stuck in your sole, look for ways, all can think method, remove me from sole, a trace.Rather than let the original love of the two people come to this step, it is better for me to leave.It’s just, after all those years out of work, HOW I fit in.The only good thing is we have no kids, no strings attached.What you really hate is that I can’t keep up with you or that I can’t have a baby.