12345, express route for emergency services across the city

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“On the same day morning, afternoon two cross-city emergency, two critical children a 3 months old, a 26 months old, are from The Dengta city of Liaoyang.April 1, Shenyang Business Bureau business (citizens) hotline management office deputy director Wang Rongsheng mentioned two days ago on duty to coordinate the handling of the anti-epidemic special line two urgent, hoarse voice still with excitement, he said, “when the telephone return visit learned that the two children have been successfully treated, I was relieved.”Shenyang opened a special line 12345 on March 21.At the same time with the opening of the dedicated line, the rapid response mechanism and the first-in-charge working system have been fully established, and the responsible persons of each unit have maintained unimpeded communication 24 hours a day to ensure that the demands of the masses of enterprises can be timely accepted, handled quickly and tracked throughout the whole process.Set up a special working class on high frequency appeals to accelerate the solution of hot spots, difficulties and blocking points.All the cadres above the division level of Shenyang Business Bureau are on duty in shifts 24 hours a day to establish a dedicated line work group and deal with all kinds of urgent issues of the dedicated line at any time.At 10:24 on March 30, Wang Rongsheng, who was on duty, received a transfer from the provincial 12345 government service hotline: a 3-month-old baby with renal atrophy caused by double lateral hydronephrosis, was in urgent need of diagnosis and treatment in Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University after diagnosis and treatment by the medical and health departments of Dengta city and issued a certificate.Fearing that cross-city traffic would be blocked during the epidemic, families of the sick children called the 12345 hotline.”When we received the transfer, the family was already on their way to Shenyang.”Wang Rongsheng said, “Not a minute!We immediately activated the emergency service mechanism, immediately dispatch, coordination and delivery.”The relevant information is sent to the dedicated line work group, and the departments of health, transportation, public security and other special teams immediately take action, each performing its own duties, and operate quickly.City health commission swift action, immediately notice on duty youth street high-speed mouth hunnan district health bureau.At 11:10, Young street traffic epidemic prevention and control point health department head Wang Yingjie received a telephone call from hunnan District health bureau: the lighthouse to Shenyang emergency medical patients to give rapid release.As soon as you receive the order, report to the point commander and coordinate the transportation department to prepare.At the same time, Wang Yingjie quickly organized health related personnel Wang Yanjun, Jin Yongmei, Zhang Hongliang wait for the green channel.In this process, Wang Rongsheng and Wang Yingjie respectively maintained telephone contact with the father of the child to ensure the safe and smooth road traffic.At 12:17, the vehicle arrived at the youth Street expressway.It was confirmed that all 4 people on board had negative nucleic acid test reports within 24 hours. The staff disinfected the vehicle in the shortest time, and the vehicle passed quickly, and was escorted to the hospital by the transportation department.At the same time, shenyang 12345 anti-epidemic special line was in busy operation, and the staff quickly received, accepted and transferred the problems and appeals of enterprise people…”At 14:29 on the same day (March 30), we received a call from a doctor in Liaoyang No. 3 People’s Hospital. A 26-month-old child was suffering from acute ileus and needed to be rushed to Shengjing Hospital for surgery.”Wang rongsheng said, “With the experience of this morning, we know how to start this channel as soon as possible, so we need to communicate, coordinate and connect with each other without any delay.”At 16:36, the children’s vehicle arrived at the Youth Street expressway, after rapid verification, disinfection and other procedures immediately released, and guided escort to the hospital.Under the epidemic, a cross-city emergency fast channel has been opened — this is a practice of closely linking the provincial and municipal 12345 hotlines and efficiently solving the demands of enterprises and the masses.It is reported that since the opening of shenyang 12345 special line to fight the epidemic, through the offline rapid coordination mechanism, relevant units have been organized to timely deal with more than 400 emergency problems such as medical treatment, transportation and transportation.Source: Liaoning Daily · Northland Client editor: Xu Boyan Responsibility: Jing Xuefeng