Why does gray hair grow more and more?Doctor: It’s not as simple as aging, or a lack of three nutrients

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Gray hair refers to hair that turns all or part of it white.Unripe white hair is because the melanin granule in hair medulla pledges and cortex reduces or is filled by air for the sake of empty, its reason has congenital and acquired nature two kinds.Under normal circumstances, there are abundant blood vessels in the dermal papilla, providing sufficient nutrition for the dermal papilla and the hair bulb, and the melanin particles can be synthesized smoothly.When the formation of melanin particles in the dermal papilla, hair bulb occurs disorders, or although formed but due to some factors, can not be transported to the hair, so that the medulla, cortical part of the hair melanin particles reduce, disappear, white hair will occur.”Don’t pull, pull one long ten!”Uncle Zhang quickly called his daughter.The original uncle Zhang’s wife especially love beautiful, every time look in the mirror to see his hair on the white hair will feel very inferior, every time her daughter holiday home will let her daughter use tweezers to pull out their white hair.Faced with gray hair, Zhang’s wife tried coloring her hair several times, but the effect was not ideal. Later, she was reluctant to try it after hearing that it could increase the risk of cancer, so she began to pull out her gray hair to maintain her beautiful appearance.But Zhang read on the Internet that some people said, “If you pull out one white hair, it’s easy to grow 10.”Uncle Zhang’s wife became afraid.She went to consult her doctor.Uncle Zhang’s wife asked the doctor, “I am just 48 years old this year. How come I have so many white hairs?Is it because of old age?”The doctor did not seem very surprised by such a question.”It’s not necessarily age-related, but according to the results, your symptoms should be caused by a B vitamin deficiency.”The doctor told the truth.Is it true that one gray hair grows ten?White hair will not be pulled out more, white hair is decided by the pigment cell in the root of hair follicle, won’t change because of external force, because this does not exist completely pull out more argument.However, rough hair pulling can damage the hair follicles, which can cause serious consequences such as folliculitis.If you can’t stand growing grey hair, you can use scissors to cut it off close to your scalp, but this is a band-aid, and you need the right treatment to make your hair black!Why does gray hair grow more and more?In people’s impression, grey hair is an important sign of old age, but in fact, there are middle-aged people, and even young people do not have much connection, most of it is caused by the lack of certain nutrients.A) lack of B vitamins as we all know, the hair is black and bright is the role of melanin, the formation of melanin in the human body can not leave the vitamin, B when the human body lacks B vitamins, the lack of synthetic melanin source, there is not enough melanin, hair naturally gradually become white.Foods rich in B vitamins include: milk, brown rice, peanuts, etc. contain vitamin B1;Lean meat, mushrooms contain vitamin B2;Potatoes, corn, whole grains contain vitamin B3;Tomato, citrus contain vitamin B9;Beef contains vitamin B5;Chicken contains vitamin B6;Sea fish, kelp and so on contain vitamin B12.If you want to ensure adequate B vitamins, you should make sure that your diet must be reasonable. You should not be picky and partial, or even prefer a certain kind of food, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to your health.2) Lack of copper, iron and other trace elements scientific research discovery, black hair light color hair, the content of trace elements such as copper iron in white hair, reduce the content of copper elements in turn, still can affect melanin formation.Because of such, when human body lacks microelement, especially when copper element, white hair can increase gradually.Foods rich in trace elements such as copper and iron include nuts, crabs and animal livers.3) lack of tyrosine to eat more tyramine rich food.Tyrosine, an essential amino acid, must be consumed through food.Tyramine (tryptamine) is the building block of melatonin, and a lack of tyramine can also cause gray hair in teenagers.Common foods include meat, milk and its products, beans, nuts and bananas;Whole grains, green vegetables, beans, nuts, milk and its products, seafood.Grey hair refers to all or part of the hair going grey. It can be congenital or acquired.Congenital white hair often has a family history, with local white hair is more common, more common in the head before the hairline department.Postnatal white hair has senile white hair and juvenile white hair two kinds.Spiritual factors if a person is depressed for a long time, mood is not good or mental high tension, long-term stay up vest, overwork, may make the hair from black to white.For example, in the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States Period of our country, wu Zixu, the doctor of the State of Wu, in order to get through the Zhao Pass, suddenly turned white with black hair.Du Fu’s poem: the hoary head scratches shorter, hun hun hairpin;In Les Miserables, The French writer Hugo described that when the mayor of Ouderland decided to admit himself as a prisoner in court after a fierce and painful ideological struggle, “his gray hair turned white after only an hour”.Both historical legends and literary descriptions, although somewhat exaggerated, show that people have long believed and discovered that the change of hair from black to white is related to spiritual factors.Nutrition condition is bad hair is the accessory of skin, the same as the organs and tissues of other parts of the body need adequate nutrition, different ethnic hair color differences.White people’s hair color is golden, brown people’s hair color is red and black, we yellow people, because the hair pigment particles contain copper, cobalt, iron, so it is brown black, if the diet long-term lack of copper, cobalt, iron these inorganic salts, will naturally affect the synthesis of melanin, make the hair from black to white.Additional, according to medical clinical proof, if the body lacks protein for a long time, vegetable oil, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, can cause the hair to become white by black.Disease medicaments heredity disease, medicaments and heredity also are the factor that causes hair to change white by black, pituitary function drops, the endocrine disorder such as hyperthyroidism, consumptive disease such as tuberculosis, typhoid fever, pernicious anaemia, plant nerve function obstacle, it is the disease that already discovered changes white by black with hair to concern.Excessive research with brain discovery, mental worker is in high pressure condition for a long time, spirit is highly nervous, too busy to take into account exercise body, add the unbalanced diet, bad living habits, easy to appear prematurely consequently white hair.People to a certain age, because the human metabolism becomes low, the body’s various functions decline, resulting in hair will gradually become gray, is a normal physiological phenomenon of the elderly;Some people appear white hair at a young age, which seems to be not consistent with the age, experts introduce, pressure is an important factor leading to white hair, young patients need to properly adjust the mental state, more relaxed mood after work, strengthen physical exercise, can play the role of prevention and treatment of white hair.Extension – how to prevent gray hair?1. Be optimistic.Having an optimistic attitude towards life and keeping a cheerful mood will help to make your hair black and beautiful.Even if encounter unpleasant things and misfortune, do not make their psychological world into despair.Don’t take the mistakes of others to punish yourself, not only useless, but also counterproductive, and even cause more misfortune, speed up the pace of gray hair.2, strengthen nutrition.Hair turns white when it loses the nutrients it needs to maintain its normal pigment.Scientific research proves, the niacin in vitamin, wait to ammonia rest sweet acid, carotene, citron acid, have important effect to forming pigment and its metabolism.Cannot lack the food such as vitamin B1, B2, B6, niacin for a long time, otherwise, hair can become ash by black, whiten then.3. Treat diseases.Certain infectious diseases and chronic local focal inflammation.If caries, tonsillitis, suppurative sex sinusitis, through bacterial action and nerve reflex, also can cause white hair.In endocrinology, pituitary gland, adrenal gland and vegetative nervous system are closely related to the secretion function of black stimulant hormone that promotes the formation of melanin.Endocrine normal, secreted black excitement hormone more, the formation of melanin is more, hair color is deeper;Conversely, white hair subsequently fascicle.In addition, incomplete development of sexual function can also cause white hair.4. Massage the scalp.To improve white hair, can insist to be in after getting up in the morning with forefinger and middle finger before going to bed delimit small circle on scalp, knead scalp: arrive hind pillow ministry from forehead classics head first, arrive pillow ministry from forehead classics two sides temple again.Massage for 1 ~ 2 minutes each time, knead back and forth 30 ~ 40 times per minute, then gradually increase to 5 ~ 10 minutes.This massage can accelerate the blood circulation of the hair follicle, so that the dermal papilla gets sufficient blood supply, the pigment cell nutrition of the hair bulb is improved, the cell activity is enhanced, and the division is accelerated, which will be conducive to the secretion of melanin and make the hair black.What can white hair eat blacken?1, black sesame powder black sesame powder can make hair dark, more and more gloss it is a lot of people know, so we have white hair, the first think of is according to eat black sesame to cure.According to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in detail, sesame powder flavour, with fatty acid, hexadecanoic acid, vitamin E, folic acid, protein and calcium nutrition of the human body needs, eat black sesame seed moisture hair can not only make the hair black, also can promote digestion, nourishing health decline rapidly the kidneys and avoid everyone, suggest you eat in more.2, walnut walnut a lot of people like to eat walnuts, this is because walnut kernel with many beneficial to the body digestion and absorption of nutrients and minerals, such as:Calcium, phosphorus, catalpa, manganese, chromium these, eat walnut not only the big imagination that can give a person fills nutrient composition, still can prevent decline reasonably additionally, in addition, all previous classics study discovers, if grow after having gray hair, insist to eat walnut every day, still can make gray hair turns black gradually.Carrot carrot is a kind of food material that we often eat in our daily life, and its nutrition is very high, with the title of “little ginseng”.It is suggested that we eat carrot more, more help to improve the basic metabolism, remove impurities in the body to maintain the stability of the body’s internal environment.Carrot contains vitamin D, because this has clear liver fire bright eye ground effect, still can cure pink eye disease reasonably.Everyone in the usual situation to eat carrots also need to pay attention to, can not be directly eaten raw with zhaotianjiao, otherwise it will destroy the carrots often contain vitamins.Hericium oricium, also known as Hericium, is named because it looks like a monkey head.Hericium mushroom has high nutritional value, with twice the protein content of lentinus edodes. Moreover, hericium mushroom contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids, volatile oil, polysaccharides and other nutrients.Often eat monkey mushroom can not only supplement all kinds of nutrition for the body, but also contain unsaturated fatty acids, can promote the blood circulation of the body, reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, dredge blood vessels, for white hair can have a very good improvement effect.If you find your white hair is becoming more and more obvious, you must intervene as soon as possible and develop good habits daily, which will help maintain your body and prevent your hair from turning white.