Tsinghua University came 2 big good news, Huawei added strength backup!Localization has climbed all the way up to 50%

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When the epidemic has hindered production, when the United States sanctions more and more loud, when cars, mobile phones and other daily fields are stuck by the neck of the chip, we can realize that in today’s world, science and technology is the main business ups and downs of the hurricane, chip autonomy for the development of all walks of life in Our country is very important.In 2021, a large amount of capital poured into the semiconductor, chip circuit is a hot, Chinese people unanimously focus on the semiconductor field.Although various enterprises, institutions repeatedly announced breakthroughs, “domestic replacement” slogan loud, but the lack of core in various industries is still unresolved, and the gap is still placed there.In the final analysis, it is because the Korean semiconductor industry has a fatal problem: it is busy catching up and not enough manufacturing.In 2020, 71% of the funds invested in the semiconductor industry in China are invested in the design sector, and there is not much investment in chip manufacturing.Despite a series of breakthroughs in chip design in China, few domestic companies can produce high-end chips designed by these companies.In the chip production equipment, in addition to degumming equipment localization rate reached more than 90%, etching, cleaning, CMP, PVD and other chip production equipment, technical barriers are too high, so the localization rate is not higher than 20%.And photolithography and gluing developing equipment, our country is just to achieve a breakthrough of zero, let alone domestic replacement.Although China lags behind in the field of chip manufacturing, major scientific institutions, universities and related enterprises have not slowed down the pace of pursuit.As the highest institution of higher learning in China, Tsinghua University has been committed to the semiconductor research since the establishment of the semiconductor teaching and research Group in the 1950s. It has not only delivered many talents for domestic semiconductor, but also made great achievements repeatedly.Recently, Good news came from Tsinghua University again.On January 30th, Dongtai High-tech Zone signed a contract with Wuxi Haigude New Technology Co., Ltd. to produce high-performance aluminum nitrite ceramic materials in Dongtai High-tech Zone, which means that the national 863 scientific and technological achievement transformation project of Tsinghua University can be officially landed!It is understood that this project is the transformation of national 863 scientific and technological achievements of Tsinghua University, the total investment of 600 million yuan, Haigood company is the investor.After the plant is completed, it can produce 3 million silicon carbide substrates and 7.2 million aluminum nitride substrates a year, and the annual invoice can reach 1 billion yuan.In other words, the plant can produce 10.2 million semiconductor power modules a year using ceramic substrates.In addition to the landing of the semiconductor project, on the same day, Hua Hai Qing Ke, a subsidiary of Tsinghua University, also came good news.On January 31, it was reported that the 12-inch CMP equipment developed by Huahai Qingke has been successfully shipped and will be shipped to the world’s leading packaging enterprises for TSV chemical mechanical polishing.TSV polishing, also known as high density packaging, is the fourth generation of packaging technology.CMP equipment, also known as chemical mechanical polishing equipment, is an important part of chip manufacturing. At present, the highest level of CMP equipment in China is mastered by Huahai Zerotec.Huahai Qingke is a company jointly established by Tsinghua University and Tianjin Jinnan District in order to tackle the key field of semiconductors. Qinghang Venture Capital, tsinghua University’s wholly-owned sun company, owns 37.85% of the equity.Four of the nine board members listed in The company’s prospectus graduated from or worked at Tsinghua university.In the early stage of its establishment, since there was no domestic CMP equipment at that time, the company needed to start from scratch and invest a lot of money in research and development, which resulted in almost consecutive years of losses.Now, Huahai Qingke has been the only company in China that can achieve the mass production of 12-inch CMP equipment. Its product performance has reached the forefront in the world, and it can also be exported overseas.In October last year, Huahai Qingke also developed the first domestic 12-inch wafer thinning machine, breaking the dilemma of foreign enterprises monopolizing 80% of the market, realizing the ice-breaking of China’s chip manufacturing core equipment production technology, greatly promoting China’s localization in the field of CMP equipment.Since 2021, huahai ZERoecker CMP equipment has gradually gained reputation in the domestic market, and 50% of the users of the relevant 8-inch and 12-inch semiconductor production lines have adopted Huahai Zeroecker equipment, ranking first in the industry in terms of market share and import substitution rate.For China, the demand for 12-inch wafers is almost the largest. Generally speaking, 12-inch wafers are used for chip manufacturing under 14nm process. Currently, it is known that 65% of the global chip demand is under 14nm process, in other words, as long as in this link, China continues to strengthen the domestic production and break through DUV lithography machine.Then our country controls more than half of the world’s production.In April last year, Tsinghua University set up the School of Integrated Circuits to train talents in semiconductor research.At that time, some netizens said that tsinghua University trained talents to go abroad, no matter how much money is to help foreign talents.Although Tsinghua university experienced a brain drain in the past few years, most of them chose to stay in China to do scientific research.Now “Tsinghua department” company occupies half of the domestic semiconductor, tsinghua University’s contribution to the development of domestic semiconductor can not be ignored.Last year, Tsinghua university helped Huawei’s Open Harmony system enter the aerospace sector.From May 2019 to now, the United States has carried out four rounds of sanctions against Huawei. Under the strong sanctions of the United States, Huawei set up Huber Investment to extensively layout the whole semiconductor industry chain, and launched a talent recruitment program to hire and retain cutting-edge talents with high salaries, in an attempt to promote the improvement of the domestic semiconductor industry chain.In addition to Tsinghua University, many other semiconductor companies are also trying to fill the gap in chip manufacturing. Now Huawei has a strong teammate, no longer fighting alone.Perhaps the day of home-made replacement of chips will come sooner.