“Little Lion” adds “New Year flavor” to the Spring Festival

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In the village of Guangning, when the gong and drum ring, the men, women and children in the village always hear the sound and move, looking for the sound, and bring out this “New Year flavor” is a bit special “gong and drum team”.The group has five members, with an average age of just under eight.In the middle of the swing of the drumstick beating the drum is Yingzai, in the second grade of primary school.Although she is very young, she has 6 years’ experience in drums and gongs with her father. Her drums are precise and powerful, and the rhythm is flexible. She once participated in the tour and competition with the Lions team.Chen Zhiying, drummer: I’ve been playing drums since I was two years old.Because I watched my dad play the drums, my dad taught me, AND I got addicted to it after a few days.Yingzai’s father, Chen Yuexiang, is the “old master” of the xiacun Lion Dance team. He says Yingzai has been particularly fond of listening to drums since she was a child and has a great talent in learning cymbals.Because of constant practice, Yingzai’s hands have been left calluses and scars.Let ying Zai and more young people continue to practice, so that they can continue to pass on the lion dance culture, let the traditional intangible cultural heritage shine with the style of The Times.Chen Yuexiang, vice president of the Martial Arts Lion Dance Association of Guangning County, said the lion dance team of Xiaxun Village in Guangning has learned the lion dance culture.This Spring Festival, Ying and her teammates began to learn “lion dance” from xiao Shifu.Although the children felt a little difficult, their earnest spirit did not lose.It’s not easy to get from gong and drum players to Lion dancers.Guangning is the hometown of martial arts in China. The dragon and lion martial arts culture has a long history and the mass foundation is profound. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 800 teams like Xiacun Lion Dance Team in Guangning, with the age ranging from 4 years old to 90 years old.During the Spring Festival, from the county, towns and villages, there are almost dragon and lion sports.Guangning people’s love of lion dance martial arts has become a spiritual complex in their bones.Source: Guangning