It’s so hot!Paris, Newcastle invite mourinho, will ‘Madman’ leave Roma?

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The world xixi all for the name, the world bustling for profit.Mourinho is a “madman” not a “saint” and has no interest in turning down greater Paris and Newcastle!Jose mourinho stay in Rome, but is the feelings, to see the great Paris and Newcastle pay is not the enemy of the “feelings”!SHH, keep it down!Jose Mourinho, nicknamed “Madman”, is not only such a coach, but also such a person.In the Bird’s Nest even dare to say that Chinese football is not football, this world unique!France 1 gives a person the feeling is rude more than wonderful, as if everyone is ball blind!Ronaldinho: “Even messi, the best player in the world, hissed.Mourinho will not last long in this atmosphere of public opinion and football.Pochettino smiled at this and Mourinho probably flipped the table!Ligue 1 is not a thrill, but a sting!When Maisy was booed, Anniu wanted to cry!The Greater Paris Champions League was reversed by Real Madrid 3-2, Pochettino is as steady as ever, is not capable of flying aircraft carriers;Nasser and Leonardo stormed into the real Madrid dressing room, obviously a heavy responsibility, a bit big light its fire suspicion!To put it bluntly, Leonardo is to blame for Paris’ Champions League Waterloo.[–] Fan: “Leonardo has a pissing habit like Santoko and likes to tell the team what to do!”For this reason, mourinho, who has had a painful experience at Manchester United, would probably not even consider moving to Paris unless, as Zidane said, nasser and Leonardo were sacked as a condition of his appointment.Despite having Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe, the management level of Greater Paris is still limited.As Zlatan Ibrahimovic said: “The management is so poor that if I were there, I would win the Champions League.”To put it mildly, Greater Paris does not deserve Jose Mourinho, or greater Paris and Jose Mourinho do not match!Fan: “want to go early go!”Mourinho has had success with Inter milan in Serie A, Real Madrid in La Liga and Chelsea in the English Premier League. Even at Manchester United, no one has surpassed him since Mourinho.From mourinho’s personal preference, or the Premier League is more suitable!Think back to that year, the English Premier League Guardiola, Klopp and Mourinho’s mouth war, play that call a wonderful, simply better than the game are wonderful are exciting!This has the momentum of “meet the match, will meet the right talent”!I’m crazy I’m qualified!The Newcastle owner is a fan of the birds and has vowed to give all the power to Mourinho, and as the premier League’s upstart, there is no shortage of money.Mourinho can buy whoever he wants.Wow, this is not a dream!Newcastle are understood to have contacted mourinho’s agent Jorge mendes and are ready to offer a €30 million penalty.What is even crazier is that Newcastle have approached Greater Paris to bring Neymar to the Premier League in order to attract Mourinho!Fan: “Neymar’s small body, can handle it?”Anyway, at least it’s the third person after peerless double pride!So mourinho’s card will be bigger!Come on, come on!The world xixi all for the name, the world bustling for profit.Mourinho is a “madman” not a “saint” and has no interest in turning down greater Paris and Newcastle!If you have to choose between Grand Paris and Newcastle, Newcastle is definitely worth a visit. It’s dream land!Rome, is it not a station?All roads lead to Rome, and Rome is not just an end, but a way station on the journey!Mourinho didn’t choose Roma so much as roma impressed him with sincerity, just as Juventus did with Cristiano Ronaldo.Roma is definitely not the destination for Mourinho, a second-tier club does not deserve the title of “madmen”.Roma have had some good campaigns this season, won consecutive games and even topped the table, but the wolves are still too young.Ups and downs, let Mourinho hurt the brain, and the Serie A referee seems to not deal with Mourinho!Some experts say the referee stole roma at least nine points!Why is that?Weak bai!If Mourinho chose to stay, absolutely for feelings!Mourinho said: “I will not leave until I have won the title with roma.”One year, two years, three years?Rome is not built in a day, champion is not said to take can take, do not invest money, champion is impossible!There’s a free lunch out there!It’s only a matter of time before Jose mourinho leaves Roma!Are you!To sum up: if there is a club that can satisfy both mourinho’s dreams and the interests of Roma, mourinho will surely be taken away!Through the above analysis, The greater Paris is still lack of some heat, and the character of the fickle really not suitable for mad men!Newcastle, on the other hand, with a bit of a makeover, can see immediate results, absolute autonomy, will certainly satisfy madmen, not bad money, but also let Roma not lose a cent!It is only a matter of time before Jose mourinho leaves Roma, expect the magpies to chirp soon!Come on Mourinho!