Huyue New Cheng | Chengwu County Procuratorate held a party group meeting to plan and promote the work of 2022

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On February 7, Liu Yupei, secretary of the Party Group and chief procurator of Chengwu County Procuratorate, presided over a party meeting to convey the spirit of the province’s mobilization conference, boost morale, clarify thoughts, and concentrate on various tasks in 2022.At the meeting, each party member summarized the work of 2021 in depth, systematically combed out the deficiencies, thought and studied the work measures of 2022, and planned the new time node on how to achieve a higher quality of chengwu procuratorial “comprehensive innovation”.The meeting pointed out that in 2021, chengwu procuratorial work has made a significant breakthrough.At present, to do 2021 head, prosecutors, and specific number of ordinary policemen’s reporting on activities mentioned ShuLian work, both to sum up experience, more to summarize problem, guide team with full enthusiasm, high spirit, pragmatic style of work, under the big strength short crack plate weaknesses, yong bear responsibility, with a passion, a concerted effort to do the work.The meeting stressed that to be good at innovation, chengwu prosecutorial work in steady progress to achieve new improvement, to timely convene the innovation work of the coordination meeting, guide police to build a firm brand awareness, in 2022 to create a loud brand.We need to foster exemplary practices, base ourselves on team building, stimulate the internal forces of the team, and create a good atmosphere in which we can draw on examples, strive to be advanced models, and take responsibility for our actions.We should make good use of the propaganda position, adhere to the internal strong element ability, outside the tree image, strengthen the experience summary, strengthen the internal linkage, promote the formation of propaganda work pattern, spread the good voice of the prosecution, transfer the positive energy of the prosecution.Those who move forward first win.In 2022, Chengwu County Procuratorate will continue to establish the integration concept, make great efforts to create a new situation of chengwu procuratorial work in the new era, and spare no effort to make new and greater contributions to promoting the construction of chengwu in peace and rule of law.Source: Chengwu County Procuratorate Editor: Wu Baojie Review: Liu Lei, Wu Di