How many points can guizhou province take a written test in 2022 enter an interview?

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I am Wei Ge, click on the top of the “attention”, every day for you to share the public test application theory skills, help you quickly ashore!The 2022 Guizhou Provincial written exam will be held on March 26!I believe that many candidates are anxiously waiting for the announcement, in the announcement at the same time, there is one thing we are more concerned about, that is, guizhou province examination years into the score situation.After all, for many of the students who took the exam for the first time, these are very important reference for the selection of posts.Today, Wei Ge sorted out the enrollment and score of guizhou Province from 2018 to 2020 for your reference.It can be clearly seen from the above data that the average score of guizhou examination is higher than that of the previous year, and the average score of 2020 is almost 10-20 points higher than that of 2019.The civil service exam is becoming more and more competitive, with stronger and stronger competitors, and the score of guizhou province is expected to rise this year.Those who plan to apply for the 2022 Guizhou Provincial examination must not relax, and must seize the time to prepare for the examination.Recently, many students are consulting about guizhou Province examination situation, so Wei Ge specially organized a written examination preparation materials for 2022 Guizhou Province examination, including guizhou province examination situation analysis, high score skills in several sections, real questions and analysis of public security professional subjects and other information (information is still updated)……I wish you all a smooth examination and successful landing!If this article is useful to you, feel free to like it and share it in the comments