E: THE arrival of NP is more than a victory for Guangqi Honda

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Behind the “everything + car”, it is declared that the meaning of the car itself is covered, E :NP to let new energy vehicles get the respect they deserve.Japanese brands seem to be a bit late to go electric.It’s easy to understand why when you think about it.After all, there is no need to worry about sales and mature hybrid technology.But Japan also has Japanese pain, such as Toyota’s double integral negative value, last year has reached more than 200,000, to wipe out, have to spend more than 1 billion yuan.Back in, or in the lead, you’re going to get out.Last year, Toyoda exhibited 15 electric cars at MEGA WEB, a big deal, but a bit of a “tuhao”.By contrast, Guangqi Honda’s “electric shock” operation is much more formal.Recently, Guangqi Honda officially launched its NEW electric brand, E :NP, and its first model, E :NP1 Extremely Pai 1 (extremely Pai 1), also made its debut, with the brand declaration of “You own NEW VISION,NEW EXPERIENCES”.Before we get to the point, we have to spit out the art of naming Guangqi Honda.If MEMORY serves, it was the first car brand to be “accurate” to punctuation.It’s a bit clever, but it doesn’t interfere with our memory, so it looks like steak is a good code name.E: How is NP going to play it?For all the teasing, e: What NP can bring to domestic consumers may be the most concerned issue.For example, the experience described by Nio, the technology talked by Xiaopeng, the personality and people oriented by Wuling and Euler, and the technical safety talked by car companies such as BYD, these brands not only have different characteristics, but also basically achieve comprehensive coverage from low-end to high-end.So, how is NP going to play it?After watching the whole press conference, the automobile culture believes that e:NP will really impress people, will be the rational thinking of the electric wave, more focused on mobile travel itself;On the emotional side, new power brands and most car companies refer to the spirit of the Internet in their transformation.”With the continuous popularity of electric vehicles, users’ views and demands for electric vehicles have become more mature, from the big toy fresh experience, back to the pursuit of the car itself and car life experience.”Guangqi Honda said.In the face of gradually mature users, E :NP will bring four “borderless” : respectively, the borderless RESEARCH and development that breaks the boundary between global and local resources, the borderless intelligent manufacturing that breaks the boundary between “quality manufacturing” and “intelligent manufacturing”, the borderless channel that breaks the boundary between offline and virtual online, and the borderless service that breaks the boundary between customers and partners.As “unbounded”) although, but went up from essence, it is still the gac Honda in China insist on playing in 24 years, as its first global synchronization models domestic accord, pioneered the first 4 s store, guangzhou Honda has always been to think how cars and brand itself gives users a better experience, rather than hope is to be in other areas.The biggest difference between the two is that GaC Honda is used to first look at the brand, and then observe the user;With the new power, many brands are doing the opposite.Why choose this mode of action?The viewpoint of automobile culture is that only when a brand improves itself, can it truly be user-centered and fully meet the needs of users.The advantage of the latter is that it can attract the attention of the market and users more quickly.As for which is better or worse, it depends on the situation, but for gaC Honda, which has accumulated a good reputation for many years, obviously the former is more compatible with it.E :NP is making value and quality return e:NP’s launch is not just a victory for Guangqi Honda.Soichiro Honda once said, “Without racing, there would be no Honda.As we all know, car racing is a sport that can best reflect the life of cars. Honda, which was born in car racing, has active pursuit of car technology in its genes and blood. The craftsmanship spirit we often mention is actually respect for cars themselves.But this respect is rapidly eroding — behind the “everything + car”, the meaning of the car itself is being covered up.Under a series of safety accidents, vehicle failures and after-sales problems, how to make the value and quality directly linked with the economic interests of consumers, in the field of new energy vehicles back to the public, and receive due attention, is a century-old brand to complete.E: The arrival of NP may be able to achieve this goal.General Manager of GaC Honda Automobile Co., LTD and General manager of GAC Honda Automobile Sales Co., LTD. Katsuhide Moriyama said at the scene:”In the field of electrification, we will put the product value brought by ‘Mono-Zukuri (create product value) progress’, and the experience value brought by ‘Koto-Zukuri (create experience value) progress’ together, as the starting point of the new brand, to provide GaC Honda’s new electric full value.”It is not hard to see that these are the four “unbounded” that E :NP insists on. Among them, the progress of creating product value lies in unbounded RESEARCH and development and unbounded manufacturing, while the progress of creating experience value is unbounded channel and unbounded service.Seemingly ordinary R & D, manufacturing, channels and services, e:NP how to achieve the value of the dimension?The answer is “extreme”.Take research and development as an example, THE R&D team of Guangqi Honda has traveled every road in China in the past few years, and carried out numerous grinding and debugging with the ultimate use of two major technology incubation bases — Honda Technology Research and Development (China) Co., LTD and Guangqi Honda Automobile Research and Development Co., LTD.At the same time to build a strong, open localized circle of friends, and the battery industry leading hand in development, and domestic head intelligent enterprise cooperation, the final development of more than 20,000 kinds of road scenes of high order pure electric products, help China become Honda global electric jump engine.In addition, in terms of channels, GaC Honda built a combination of online and offline channels for E :NP1 Extremely Pai 1 sales based on the four scenes of “view-selection-purchase-use”, which brought real-time 3D interactive car viewing + voice explanation service + one-click online sales mode, and established a sales service store and supermarket store system.Under the guidance of this strategic thinking and business model, Extremely Pai 1, which combines driving pleasure, driving quality and intelligent control technology, has emerged, marking the unique symbol of GAC Honda in the era of new energy vehicles and providing consumers with a fresh and familiar choice.Therefore, automobile culture believes that the birth of E :NP is the start of GAC Honda’s electric business, but it can not be regarded as the return of automobile value.E: If NP becomes popular, it may be an inspiration for auto makers to reunite after a long time.E: Is there a market for NP1 Polar?Ideals belong to ideals and cannot be confused with reality.E: How far NP can go in the future is determined by the market performance of the first model Extremely Pai 1.In the official view, it is a new car that “integrates the multiple charm of mobility, intelligence and beauty, and also integrates the new brand value ‘Prime Extreme’, and has made extreme exquisite research in all the details of development, production and sales.”Multiple charm, “movement” ranked first.Automotive culture has learned that the new intelligent and efficient pure electric Architecture E :N Architecture F’s Pole Pai 1 integrates the three-in-one high power drive motor, large capacity and high density battery, high rigidity pure electric vehicle dedicated frame and chassis platform.In addition to the technical aspects, the main advantage of the new car lies in the setting and adjustment of the three-power system according to the actual daily use scenarios of users.For example, due to the unique instantaneous high torque output characteristics of motor drive, resulting in dizziness easily caused by the occupant, so the pedal response and power output characteristics are adjusted, as well as the seat system and suspension system repeatedly adjusted, so that the user’s body posture and line of sight changes and vehicle posture changes are always integrated.In terms of intelligence, the new car is equipped with e:N OS full-stack intelligent control ecosystem, which integrates Honda SENSING safe driving assistance system, Honda CONNECT 3.0 pure electric vehicle special version, and intelligent digital cockpit based on the superior HMI system to build a new intelligent control ecosystem.Without going into too many details, it can be seen that Polar 1 brings together E :NP’s unique thinking about electric mobility, a return to the attributes of the car and its life experience.Looking at the current market, The Extremely Pai 1 has the potential to become a blockbuster by combining tradition with the future and creating a purer mobility quality in a more gaC Honda way.Whether this “possibility” can become “inevitable” depends on the following test drive results and user feedback.Wen said in the past 24 years, Guangqi Honda every move, has always been planning and then move.With the emergence of E :NP and the birth of GePAI 1, we can see that GAC Honda took a critical step towards electric mobility after careful consideration and preparation of the whole value chain, including R&D, manufacturing and service.The only thing questionable in the whole event was the pace at which e:NP’s new products were introduced.”We will continue to launch a series of new brand electric models at the pace of one model per year until 2025.”Guangqi Honda has mentioned this.If carried out according to this plan, e:NP’s slowly expanding product matrix seems to be somewhat disconnected from the speed of market competition and consumer demand.This may be a key consideration for Guangqi Honda.Article by Ouyang