CBA issued heavy fines again, finally for the players to get justice, but also the league a pure land

2022-08-29 0 By

Beijing time on January 30, CBA league once again issued a heavy fines, in view of the CBA season on January 28, poor against BeiKong, Xu Zhonghao elbow liao three rather face, lead to serious injury, the latter after the game after that Xu Zhonghao for violation of sports moral behavior, hence the Xu Zhonghao suspended for three games, fine of $100000.Liao sanning, who turned 21 yesterday, also posted on social media, thanking his fans for their concern and expressing his vision and optimism for the future.This can’t help but make people respect this young guy a little bit more.Today, North Control team coach Stephon Marbury and the club also expressed support for Liao Sanning, and solemnly appealed to the league, coaches, athletes for the protection of players on the court.In the recent league, injury incidents occur frequently, from hu Mingxuan to Guo Alun, Zeng Fari to Sun Minghui, from Wems to Han Dejun, Du Runwang to Zhao Yanhao, Ren Junfei to Li Yuanyu, and then to this xu Zhonghao to Liao Sanning.However, the violation of this time and again, but again to escape punishment, and the alliance this time, do not know is under the pressure of public opinion or really realized the need to punish this kind of violations.The punishment, however, signals both the league’s desire to protect its players and its determination to punish such behavior.Hopefully, individual players from some clubs will take this as an example and give fans a clean CBA league.