Yin Xiangjie’s recent exposure, back to his father-in-law’s hometown invited to participate in the activity, and the audience warm interaction

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Yin Xiangjie and his wife spent the Spring Festival at his father-in-law’s home. Although there were some scandals, they were still important figures, so they were invited to his father-in-law’s hometown.Isn’t that part of the job during Chinese New Year?He never forgets to make money and is a man of life.Yin Xiangjie hair is not much change, although some fuzzy, but from his unique hairstyle can tell, Yin Xiangjie of coat and trousers were many years ago, is said to be and wen-hua yu singing together to wear, wear very simple, but give a person a kind of common sense, and around him a wife, is a beautiful red dress,Looks energetic, looks like in the light of general, confident looking at the crowd, not worse than Yin Xiangjie.They are 16 years apart in age and wear different clothes, which makes Yin’s wife look more attractive.So, the audience at the scene, are cheering for Yin Xiangjie’s wife, proud of him.There was a huge banner behind them, obviously the head of a real estate company, and that’s why they were invited to this commercial show. It’s not big, but it’s well decorated, there’s a lot of furnishings and the audience, and it’s a great atmosphere.Yin xiangjie does not look like a big star, not only dressed simply, but also very thrifty, and on the face of a smile, the couple from time to time to look at each other, let a person envy.Yoon also interacts with the audience, showing affinity and being praised for his sincerity.Back in his father-in-law’s hometown, he’s also able to participate in events that allow his wife to be in front of the camera, let his acting skills and variations be known, and bring more attention and attention to his wife.This is killing two birds with one stone, and it is very popular.But others mentioned bad things about her lack of control that had a big impact on her career, without which she wouldn’t have gone into commercial gigs to “make money.”Others ask, why is he here?Although the prodigal son returns to gold, but his mistakes, no laughing matter.