Well deserved!From guard to forward, super captain Wang Shanshan won the best of the game!

2022-08-28 0 By

China defeated defending champion Japan in a penalty shootout in the semi-finals of the 2022 Women’s Asia Cup, which ended early last night.Wang Shanshan, captain of the Chinese women’s football team, was named man of the match for her performance after the match.Before the start of the game, because of the absolute core Wang Shuang sprain foot injury out of the game, so the team as a guard Wang Shanshan, excellent performance.According to the official statistics of the Asian Cup, Wang Shanshan made 14 steals, 11 wins and 5 wins.What’s more, in the last minute of extra time, Wang Shanshan grabbed a steal to tie the match with The Japanese women’s football team and sent the match into extra time, which gave the Japanese women’s football team a heavy blow on morale and also laid the confidence for the subsequent victory over the Japanese women’s football team in penalty kicks. Wang Shanshan deserved to be the best player in the game!Proofreading Su Yun