Start with my cover

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Go to jiangyou for the first time to go to school on bad luck, encounter heavy rain on the way, I was covered bubble into a bag of soup.My quilt cover, its inner lining is not cotton yarn spun from cotton, but the residue left after the silk cocoon.I’m going to school far away from home. This is a special cotton wadding made for me.Ordinary people in mountainous areas could not afford to make cotton wadding made of cotton bullets, so they used the residue of cocoons after taking silk to make cotton wadding.Its illustrated approach is to get rid of the silkworm cocoon by simply making another rectangle, like cotton-wool, ze the silkworm cocoon.Next, ze the meel by laying it on the water in a river ditch, and make water soak the residue of the cocoon, ze the residue with a small stick to make it soft and even.After beating evenly, carried ashore, flat in the sun drying;Finally, sprinkle rice soup or wheat flour paste, let it closely together, and then dry, remove is cotton wadding.Such generation products, it looks like cotton spinning into not much difference.I got this quilt, like it very much, think it can accompany me to go to school.However, the weather is not as people wish, this kind of “cotton” is most afraid of water, I went to school in a heavy rain, the rain turned the rice soup into water, the cotton into a bag of soup.After drying, into a lot of large and small ball, bulging, completely not warm, do not keep out the cold, as if people sleep in a lot of ball.What makes people more uncomfortable is that every Saturday cleaning inspection, my quilt can not fold a shape, many students in order to check the high score, try their best to help me fold the quilt, but no matter how to fold, or fold the shape.Every time check bedroom clean sanitation, MY bedroom is the worst, the difference is on my quilt.My classmates blamed me, blamed me, scolded me, and even refused to share my dorm room.I had to suffer in silence, walk with my head bowed, and let myself be accused and scolded.This continued until liberation approached and the school was dissolved.I am a man who has lived through two ages. My childhood was spent in the old age and my youth is entering a new age.In 1951, I got the chance to continue my study and went to school in Jiangyou.The place is still in the old Jiangyou Wudu, but the school is different.This is shangjiangyou division school, is on the middle division.My house is also poor, the same is not covered, only grass on the bed.However, I soon got help from my classmates, teachers and the Polo school. I got bed sheets, quilts and mosquito nets so that I could relax and study.My classmates and teachers not only care and help me in life, but also vigorously support and help me in study, so that I not only successfully graduated from normal School, but also let me be admitted to the university.(This has been mentioned in the article “My Teacher in charge”, which will not be repeated here) All of this, I had never even dreamed of it!He who has not tasted bitter does not know what is sweet;If you have not suffered sin, you do not know what happiness is;Without contrast, one cannot know what is good or bad.Without the new society, there would be no me today, there would be no my home, there would be no everything I have now!How could you ask me not to sing!Written by Li Kangqian in 2011 and printed in Xiyang Zhai on November 26, 2020