Snow in Yichang!

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On January 26 after heavy snowfall in five mountains, changyang county, yichang city hike up the snow seeds from @ lost a cat pictures from @ Tang images from fort @ xie huang – treasure image from @ Zhao Huyun just, yichang meteorological observatory issued the latest weather forecast is expected today yichang most sleet turn to snow in 0 ~ 3 ℃, the mountains to blizzard;Local blizzard, snow tomorrow, 1 ~ 1 ℃ moderate snow, the day after tomorrow – 2 ~ 0 ℃ on January 26, yichang more in snow for to do a good job of road bao chang low temperature sleet freezing weather multi-sectoral scrambled resistant smooth snow and ice, and protect the people of Ann on January 26, civilian police to strengthen the road patrol, remind help travel chain driver installation, snow removal of melting ice in the village community staff together,Traffic control should be carried out on sections that are prone to forming ice ice.Changyang public security, highway and other departments in 318 national road sprinkling snow melt agent, to ensure smooth road.Wufeng traffic police department all police on the road to carry out road patrol, to help vehicles install anti-skid chains.Zigui Highway construction and maintenance center anti-ice snow removal to ensure smooth.Xingshan police on the road to set up signs.Rain and snow weather road safety is currently during the Spring Festival travel period rain and snow weather will have a greater impact on traffic travel “road thousands of, safety first” you in the road on the way if found that the road is not smooth please timely call the nearest telephone??At present yichang 44 ordinary highway maintenance station 621 emergency rescue personnel have been the first to the emergency bao chang yichang normal countries provincial trunk low temperature sleet freezing emergency bao chang contact form yichang expressway low temperature sleet freezing emergency bao chang yichang city rural roads low temperature sleet freezing emergency contact form bao chang contact form water supply facilities antifreeze warm warm prompt PuHua three gorges waterWake up your water supply facilities anti-freezing measures warm anti-freezing method 1.Wrap and fix exposed outdoor water meters, gates, taps and other facilities with cotton and linen fabric. Wrap the outermost layer of insulation materials with waterproof materials such as plastic bags to prevent the insulation materials from absorbing water and freezing.2. If a secondary water supply device is used, cover the water tank and wrap the water pipes and valves with thermal insulation materials.Running water anti-freezing method Before going to bed, open the faucet, water droplets, keep the tap water flow, can effectively prevent frozen tube burst.(Save water from small things, remember to use containers to store water!)Close the front gate of the meter and open the indoor faucet to empty the remaining tap water in the anti-freezing pipe.Empty houses and long-term water users do not forget to close the front gate oh!For frozen water facilities such as water meters, pipes, and taps, wrap them with a hot towel and then sprinkle them with warm water, or use a hair dryer to heat them by moving them back and forth along the pipes.Do not burn, roast, pour boiling water, or bang on the water supply pipe.Once the pipe is frozen without water, you can turn on the tap a little to eliminate the pressurization in the pipe caused by the expansion of frozen water volume and avoid the damage of the pipe or pipe fittings.- Special reminder – As the temperature is lower in suburban areas, high-rise areas, tuyere and other areas, protection of water supply facilities is more important.When the temperature drops below -1℃, be sure to protect water supply facilities such as water meters, gates and taps.If you need information or your water service has broken down or burst pipes due to freezing, please call the 24-hour water supply hotline 0717-6789111.Rain and snow weather, please pay attention to keep warm regardless of walking or driving must pay attention to safety