Simmons is not realistic to return to the playoffs if Nash will not entrust him with the task

2022-08-28 0 By

As the regular season comes to a close on April 4, teams are sprinting for a better ranking.The Brooklyn Nets are in for a shock, with new acquisition Ben Simmons unlikely to play in the regular season or the play-offs and likely to return in the first round at the earliest.American basketball reporter Wo God recently in the program, talked about some of the situation about Simmons.Among them about when he will make his season debut, carried on the viewpoint elaboration.”It’s obviously not realistic for simmons to be ready in nine days and it’s very difficult for him to play in the play-offs.The Brooklyn Nets will have to get to the playoffs before they can even consider bringing Simmons back in the first round of the playoffs.”Wo said.According to wojdan, Simmons has been cleared for both the regular season and the play-offs, and there’s some uncertainty about whether he’ll be back for the playoffs.Even if he recovers and is ready to play in the playoffs, the intensity of the postseason is too risky for a player who hasn’t played in a season.And for Nash, a coach who doesn’t use rotation well in the regular season, it’s not realistic for him to consider adding Simmons to his team in the playoffs.That’s assuming the Nets make it to the playoffs, which would be a season-long effort by the front office.