Logistics support system to carry out the new semester work inspection

2022-08-28 0 By

The new semester is coming, in order to ensure the smooth development of teachers and students’ study, work and life.On the afternoon of February 16th, the leaders of the party Committee, logistics Management Office, real estate Office, construction Office, security Office and information Center of the logistics support system of Jiangnan University were divided into four groups to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the school’s food, apartments, buildings and environment.The inspection group respectively for epidemic prevention and control, back to school to prepare, environment cleaning, food safety and environment for teaching and scientific research and teaching equipment and so on has carried on the earnest, carefully check, the problems existing in the relevant departments or center line stood change, be sure to guarantee the new semester campus safe, smooth and orderly operation of the logistics.At present, the logistics system of school preparation work is almost ready, all the logistics people will be more cautious attitude, full of enthusiasm, positive work state welcome students back to school, on the basis of paying special attention to the epidemic prevention and control, efforts to provide quality logistics services, warm heart, create a safe and comfortable campus environment.Site inspection (1) Site inspection (2) Site inspection (3) Site inspection (4) (Source: Jiangnan University News Editor: Guo Ziyan)