It’s time to try something new with noodles

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First of all, put the wet noodles into a pot and spread them evenly. Brush the surface with cooking oil. Bring to a boil with high fire and steam for 8 minutes with low heat.Brush wet noodles with oil and steam a piece of frozen pork belly, freeze it in advance and slice it into a bowl.Step three, prepare the garnish.Prepare proper amount of bean sprouts, pickled fungus, cut vegetables and put them on a plate.Fourth step, hot pot into a little cooking oil, add pork belly fry until slightly oil, add a little soy sauce stir-fry pork belly until color.Add shallots, ginger slices and dried chilies and stir-fry them until fragrant. Add bean sprouts and agaric and stir-fry them evenly. Season with light soy sauce, chicken essence, oyster sauce, pepper and salt.Add in a bowl of cold water and stir-fry celery until about ripe. Add sesame oil and stir well.Add the steamed noodles and shake them until they are even. The noodles absorb juice and soup until they are not wet or dry, and they are loose and not sticky.Step 5, put the vegetables and noodles in a steamer and steam them for 5 minutes.The steamed noodles are ready and the steaming hot steamed noodles are ready.Steamed noodles are smooth, delicious and nutritious, making simple life fun.