Grab the tail of winter vacation!Where are you taking your baby?Come to These places in Jinan to enjoy family time

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“God beast” put winter vacation at home, how to spend leisure time?There are a lot of places in Jinan that are suitable for taking children with you.There are many places for skating in Jinan, such as Jinxiang Mountain ski resort, Nine top tower ski resort, Paomaling Scenic spot, Quancheng Park snow and ice World, etc., are all good places for skiing!Wangpingjiu Mountain Scenic Area launched the “Ice waterfall play snow + Romantic wild luxury” life experience hall, creating a warm atmosphere of “frozen waterfall outside the window cold, log cabin around the stove warm”, so that visitors linger.Jiuding Tower Zhonghua National Happiness Park launched the ski season, creating the highest and longest grade ski slope in the province.Photo by Chen In Photo by Chen In Red Leaf Valley Launched icefall Festival to create a unique winter scene of Red Leaf Valley with beautiful and spectacular ice hanging and jade trees and qionghua flowers everywhere.Jinan Paomaling Scenic Spot launched the “Qilu Snow Township Cultural Festival”, producing happy tribe, screaming tribe, Coldplay tribe and other sections.Good places for children to get close to animals and embrace nature, as well as good places to mention: Jinan Wildlife World and Jinan Sunac Sea World.Jinan Wildlife World is located in the bucun sub-district office in the southwest of Zhangqiu District, Jinan city. It is a national wildlife kingdom integrating tourism, animal and plant protection and research, and popular science education.The park is divided into two parts: north and south. The north is for walking and the south is for driving.The walking tour area is divided into “theme” display areas, consisting of 12 areas, such as bird singing flower Valley, Lucky elephant territory, Tiger Roaring valley, ecological performance field, Forest Tip Kingdom, panda house, flower leopard path, Mongoose secret room adventure, Green Dragon impression, hippopotamus rhino, askew cat parent-child paradise, wizard of Oz and so on.The bus tour area is divided into five regions, including African grassland, alpine mountain, Australian mountain forest, wild land and Asian grassland, with more than 300 kinds of rare and protected animals and nearly 4000 heads (only) raised in the combination of free breeding and captive breeding.Self-drive route: go east along Shilu Road to the intersection of Shidong Road and Bucun Road (east of Eizhuang Bridge, Xiuyuan River, Zhangqiu) and go south for 7 kilometers to the park.Melting and sea world, 40000 ㎡ blue world, 4 big ocean subject area, tens of thousands of kinds of Marine life and excellent performances of the mermaid, take you in a sea of ~ photography: Wang Xiao, magnificent and gorgeous Li Feng undersea world, go to the sea world to explore, Marine life heartily in front play swim, cause people’s imagination to ocean ~ photography: Wang Xiao photography:Li Fenghai World also has the “immersive” merman legend performance of Ultra Circle powder!Four mermaid from abroad to audiences in the wonderful underwater dance, three performances, a day in the park will have time to tip, remember to arrive on time oh ~ jinan melting and sea world position: teachnolosy of the LG layer within ten road no. 199, melting and mau busy streets don’t miss the huayi brothers (jinan) movie town, immersive experience, film and television shooting base.In February, welcome the Year of the Tiger, make the Spring Festival, wander, play, perform, eat, shoot, admire, family tour……All complete, so you can have a super fun New Year’s party.Photography: Wang Xiao park also set up a lot of special photo punching light world.In the world of light and shadow, multiple scenes transform, like a dream.You can also take photos with characteristic street scenery in the town to experience the strong customs of the Republic of China.Huayi Brothers (Jinan) Film Town – Front Gate Location: Changqing District, Jinan City, Haitang Road and Tianyi Road intersection near the gate market price: daytime + night: 100 yuan;Night performance: 60 yuan Tips: The opening time of night performance is Saturday, Sunday and holidays, please pay attention to the official account of the scenic spot.Photography: Wang Xiao old commercial port of jinan tourism leisure blocks, the building distribution, strewn at random discretion style is different, both the one hundred building Zhang Cai cheng’s former residence, baolong foreign firm, has reflected the modern style of rehabilitation of buildings, each building are named after the old commercial port during the actual construction, visible that the charm of The Times.Photo: Shao Kai, Chen Zezhen Korean style, European style, modern bar style and so on, a new romantic and small fresh, mixed in the thick taste of commercial port in the old Jinan jingsan Road.