Encounter spring Chengdu Salt road primary school invites you to go to the flower dynasty about

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Recently, Chengdu Yandao Street primary school education group took advantage of the warm wind flower yan, held the “childlike breeze, flower blossom” flower festival activities, show students childhood patterns.”A hundred flowers birthday is a good time, not to the flowering half of spring.Thousands of red and purple brocade, shang Lao embellished flower god.”The children put on the clothes of flowers, with the fragrance of flowers, with the color of flowers, dressed up the campus into a sea of flowers, hand in hand to walk the path of flowers.”It is jiangnan good scenery, falling flowers season and meet you.”Flying flowers make poetry flow in the children’s lang lang sound of reading, Chinese traditional culture in the children’s brilliant heart.Clear light department red rope, verse qing Hua dynasty.The children wrote poems of flowers on the cards.Hand-painted poetry cards are displayed by teachers outside the classroom.Flower market looking for bosom friend, with flower show smile.The children are holding potted flowers, exchanging the beauty of flowers.At this time, the campus has become a beautiful and fragrant flower market.Each flower has its own name. Children read about it, learn about it, and look at it.The flowers and trees in the vast world are the images of children’s harmony.Draw a flower, pass a feeling, the art teacher is leading the children to describe the world of flowers, colorful lines interwoven with children’s love and pursuit of flowers, to spring, to beauty.Read beautiful articles, know flowers;Transport logic, count the amount of flowers;Speak English, jishu;Do experiments, explore flowers and secrets;Move posture, flowery fun…In every subject class, the children develop an indissoluble bond with flowers.Yanxiao has always upheld the education concept of “integration of five education”, hoping that children take “flower” as the path, feel the beauty, understand the beauty, so that “moral, intellectual, physical, beauty, labor” five gardens in full bloom, become a big garden of flowers and flowers.Spring breeze warm, flowers toward;Flowers have spirit, salt baby love.Hua Yuexi, spring and autumn, are the world to the United States.With the motto of “Be the real salt in the world, make the way for the world”, yanxiao General always cultivates all-round talents with colorful activities based on traditional culture.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com