After 30 years of humiliation, he became a king, but he took my wife by force, dug up my father’s tomb, and finally was executed in a bath

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During the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States Period, Qi, as the first overlord in the Central Plains, was at its peak for a time.In the forty-third year of Duke Huan’s reign, Duke Huan of Qi became seriously ill. The five childs of The state of Qi, each leading his own party, contended for the throne.In October, Duke Huan of qi was imprisoned in his palace. He fell ill and starved to death.At this time, the five childe were too busy fighting to care. After the death of Duke Huan, no one collected his body for several days.These five childe were Childe Wukui (also known as Wuqi), Childe Zhao, Childe Pan, Childe Yuan and Childe Merchant, all of whom were once Kings of The state of Qi in the future. Among them are today’s protagonists (those who are anxious to know the result can scroll down).As a result, Childe Wu, with the support of treacherous officials Such as Yi Ya and Li Diao, massacred his courtiers and drove them away. In December, childe ascended the throne and became the sovereign of Qi.Duke Huan of Qi had entrusted duke Xiang of Song with the title of prince Zhaoyuan.When Childe Wukui became king, Prince Zhao fled to the state of Song.However, Childe Wuji was killed by a vassal only three months after he became the sovereign, and after his death, he did not even have a posthumous title.Then Duke Xiang of Song, together with other vassals nearby, escorted prince Zhao back to Qi, who became Duke Xiao of Qi.After the death of Duke Xiao of Qi, the succession of the throne failed, and the state of Qi was no longer strong and stable as it had been in the central Plains.The crown prince appointed by Duke Xiao of Qi was killed, and Childe Pan returned to take the throne and became Duke Zhao of Qi. He was the longest-ruling son of the five who became sovereign.During his reign, an important event happened. Duke Chong Er of Wen returned to Jin and became the ruler of the state. The state of Jin became stronger and stronger.After the battle of Chengpu, The Duke of Wen of The State of Jin held an alliance with the states of Qi.Through this alliance of soil practice, Jin established its hegemonic position, which qi had long been unmatched.In order to govern the state, Duke Zhao of Qi recalled his brother Childe Yuan from wei, because Childe Yuan was very capable and virtuous. He hoped that childe Yuan could continue to assist the crown prince.However, another brother of Duke Zhao of Qi, who should have been far away in other countries, also returned to Qi because of his failure in taking the throne.The state of Qi was no longer in turmoil and the childe merchant coveted the throne, so he planned to outwit it.He gave away his wealth to bring people around him, and people praised him.But secretly, childe merchant training dead person, ceaselessly inquire for news.Finally, at the funeral of Duke Zhao of Qi, Childe merchant ordered a dead man to assassinate prince She, and he ascended to the throne as the sovereign, and ascended to the throne as Duke Qi Yi.Thirty years had passed since Duke Huan of qi had fallen ill and died.Thirty years later, when Lord Qi Yi ascended to the throne, he immediately revealed his true colors, revealing his former hypocrisy.Constantly oppressing the people and ministers, building gardens, only their own enjoyment, extravagance and indulgence.Zhao Ji, the mother of Prince She, was the daughter of the State of Lu. She mourned day and night for losing her husband and son.Disgusted by this, Duke Qi ordered her to be imprisoned at a distance and deprived of her food and clothing, ignoring the advice of his ministers.Zhao Ji had to quietly bribe palace officials and send a message to the state of Lu, asking the King of Zhou to do justice.The King immediately sent an envoy to reprimand Duke Qi for “killing his son and imprisoning his mother”, but Duke Qi was speechless.But he did not release Zhao Ji, but came up with a sinister idea, he said to the envoy: this did not dare to despise the mother of the state, which must have a misunderstanding, please kiss the envoy to the inner palace to meet the mother of the son of heaven.The envoys agreed, and as soon as the envoys arrived in the palace of Zhao Ji, Qi Yi gong brought people to arrest them, saying that the envoys met the mother of the country privately, and wanted to engage in sexual immorality, and they were respectively locked up.Such a bright “fishing law enforcement”, the King was helpless.However, how can a man who violates the principles of nature and morality be king?Consequences will soon come, two people JiYi male hand-picked him on the funeral, the experience of the two men also a absurd unceasingly, smiling, bamboo as a minister named yan qi kingdom, his wife’s beauty by all the praise, JiYi heard after, then life will be his wife into the palace, reserved for concubines, yan dare to anger can’t speak, had to do so.Qi Yi gong got Yan Zhi’s wife is very proud, with yan Zhi is also trust, life he can be taken by the post, travel with around.When the sovereign is traveling, he usually accompanies in carriages on both sides and behind.The origin of the driver for Qi Yi gong is even more incredible.Bing 歜, father Bing Yuan bing was a former minister bing Gong.When Guan Zhong, then prime minister, was in power, Qi Yi, bing 歜’s father bing Bing, fought bing 歜’s father Bing Bing for a fiefdom, his own.Guan zhong concluded that bing yuan should have owned the land.As a result, childe became the king of the state and had a grudge against him.Qi Yi gong ordered bing’s fiefs to be stripped of all, and guan’s fiefs to be cut in half.Guan’s clansmen were afraid of Qi Yi Gong and fled to Chu, while Bing Bing 歜, bing Yuan’s son, remained in Qi.After the fields were taken back, Qi Yi, still suffering from bing Yuan’s remaining hatred, dug up the dead bing yuan from the tomb and cut off the body’s feet for committing the crime of disrespecting the king.Qi Yi Gong asked Bing 歜 whether resentment?Bing 歜 said he was very grateful to Qiyigong’s kindness, and no resentment.Satisfied with the answer, Duke Qi returned the fief to him and ordered him to be his charioteer.Some ministers did not understand this practice and advised him to be careful of the two, but Qi Yi gong did not care.All I can say is, people are stupid and bold!Yi Gong four years spring, Qi Yi Gong with Bing 歜 and Yan Zhe travel to the garden palace Shenchi.Bathing in the pool, bing 歜 Yan Zhixin has resentment but can not show, see to convenient as see their own, so ridiculed each other.Because of playing in the garden, Qi Yi gong with not many people, bing 歜 and Yan Zhe in anger gave birth to alien.The two men dismissed their maids and killed the drunken Duke of Qi in the pool, then abandoned him in the bamboo forest at the edge of the pool, where the adulterous duke of Qi died in the hands of two enemies whom they had personally promoted.After the death of Duke Huan of Qi, Duke Yi of Qi was able to wait for 30 years for the opportunity to assassinate the crown prince she and deliberately courted the people.So many efforts, is it just to sit on the throne of the ugly?After the assassination of prince She, Qi Yi Gong fear elder brother Childe Yuan, also pretended to invite him to ascend the throne, childe Yuan but once saw through his mind: I know you have planned for a long time to the throne, why involve me?I can honor you as the king of the kingdom, but you can not let me in your head, I only ask you to become the king, can let me as an ordinary people live peacefully is enough!As expected, Childe Yuan saw a good point, Qi Yi gong in the Court of Qi follow one’s will, qi toss up and down the miasma, no one was spared.After The death of Duke Qi Yi, the people resented his extravagance and extravagance, deposed his son and welcomed Childe Yuan to the throne. Childe Yuan became the fifth of Duke Huan’s sons to become duke Qi hui.