Shanxi provincial government leaders to the latest division of labor

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Recently, Shanxi announced the latest division of work of governor, vice governor and provincial government secretary general.Governor LAN Foan — presided over the overall work of the provincial people’s government and was responsible for the audit work.In charge of provincial Audit Office.Contact the Special office of Audit Office in Taiyuan.Executive vice governor Zhang Jifu – responsible for the provincial government executive work, in charge of the provincial government organs, development and reform, fiscal, financial, emergency fire safety, energy industry, national defense, foreign affairs, state-owned assets supervision, state-owned capital operation, asset management, government information publicity, government affairs, too Xin integrated economic zone construction work.In charge of general office of the provincial government, provincial development and reform commission, provincial departments, provincial emergency room (province local coal mine safety bureau), provincial foreign affairs office, provincial state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, provincial state-owned capital operation companies, provincial bureau of statistics, the province of local financial regulator (province finance office), provincial energy bureau, provincial defense industry bureau, Shanxi Province is too Xin economic integration development promotion center, provincial state-owned enterprises, the provincial financial enterprise.Assist the governor to contact provincial Audit Office and special office of Audit Office in Taiyuan.Contact shanxi Armed Police Corps,Treasury shanxi regulator, pedestrian center of taiyuan branch, the state administration of taxation silver protects inspect bureau, tax bureau, Shanxi Province, shanxi shanxi securities regulatory bureau, the national food and supplies reserve bureau of shanxi, shanxi, can inspect department, provincial tobacco monopoly bureau, the provincial postal administration, state administration of safety in mines in Shanxi Province bureau (non coal mine business), the provincial seismological bureau, NBS survey office in Shanxi Province and its mountainsXi Province Electric Power Company, central enterprises in Shanxi branch, central financial institutions in Shanxi branch, provincial Government offices Administration, provincial Archives Bureau.To complete other tasks assigned by the governor.Vice Governor Zhang Fuming — Responsible for education, civil affairs, culture and tourism, radio and television, and sports.In charge of the provincial Department of Education, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the provincial Radio and Television Bureau, the provincial Sports Bureau, the provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau, Shanxi Radio and TELEVISION Station, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences (provincial government development research Center).Contact the provincial Literary federation, the provincial Writers association, the provincial Social science Federation.To complete other tasks assigned by the governor.Vice Governor He Tiancai — Responsible for industry and information technology, natural resources, ecological environment, agriculture and rural areas, rural revitalization and water conservancy.In charge of the provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the provincial Department of Natural Resources (provincial greening Committee), the provincial Department of Ecological environment, the provincial Department of water resources, the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Areas, the provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau, the provincial supply and marketing Cooperative, the provincial geological exploration Bureau.Assist Executive Vice Governor Zhang Jifu in charge of coal mine safety work, assist in charge of provincial coal mine safety supervision Bureau.Contact provincial meteorological Bureau, provincial Shanxi Bureau of National Mine Safety Supervision bureau (coal mine business), provincial Communications Administration Bureau, provincial Internet Information Office.To complete other tasks assigned by the governor.Sun Hongshan, Vice Governor — Responsible for the construction of a law-based government, public security, justice, letters and visits, etc.To be in charge of provincial public Security Department.In charge of provincial Department of Justice, provincial Bureau of Letters and Visits.Contact provincial Department of State Security, Shanxi Entry-exit Border Inspection General Station and Provincial Law Society.To complete other tasks assigned by the governor.Vice Governor Tang Zhiping — Responsible for housing and urban and rural construction, transportation, commerce, ports, opening to the outside world, investment attraction, business environment, market supervision, administrative examination and approval, construction and management of development zones, etc.In charge of the provincial Department of Housing and Construction, the Provincial Department of Transportation (the Provincial Civil Aviation airport Administration), the provincial Department of Commerce, the provincial Market Supervision Bureau (the provincial Intellectual Property Office), the provincial Examination and Approval Service Administration Bureau (the provincial government affairs information Bureau), the provincial Civil Air Defense Office, the Shanxi Comprehensive reform Demonstration Zone management Committee, the provincial government overseas investment offices.Contact Taiyuan Customs, China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., LTD., China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., LTD., China Railway Zhengzhou Bureau Group Co., LTD., Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the provincial government, Taiwan Affairs Office of the Provincial government, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the Provincial government, Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Provincial Overseas Chinese Federation, and Provincial Taiwan Affairs Federation.To complete other tasks assigned by the governor.Vice Governor Yu Yingjie — Responsible for people’s livelihood affairs, science and technology, human resources and social security, health, veterans affairs and medical security.In charge of the provincial Department of science and Technology, the provincial People and Social Security Office, the provincial Health Commission, the provincial veterans affairs office, the provincial Health insurance Bureau.Contact provincial Religious Affairs Bureau (provincial Ethnic affairs Committee), provincial federation of Trade unions, provincial Youth League Committee, provincial women’s Federation, provincial Science and Technology Association, provincial Disabled persons’ Federation, provincial Red Cross.To complete other tasks assigned by the governor.Zhu Peng, Secretary-general of the Provincial Government — Assisted the governor in handling the daily work of the provincial people’s Government and presided over the work of the General Office of the provincial People’s Government.In charge of provincial Government Research Office.Contact the provincial government information office.To complete other tasks assigned by the governor.Source: Website of Shanxi Provincial People’s Government