MHPD | LOOKNOW Store, Alice in Wonderland

2022-08-27 0 By

LOOKNOW seems to be taking over one store at a time, gracing our pages again with a new store designed by renegade interior design studio MHPD.Located at ONE EAST in central Shanghai, the new store has unobstructed views of the Huangpu River and feels like you’ve climbed straight through the glass into a very Alice in Wonderland reality.Giant fish hover in the display Windows, graffiti scales and exaggerated artificial mushrooms of all shapes and sizes are among the surprises found in this imagined modern “park”.Since countless colors and textures define the functional space, the combination of elements creates different viewing points so that people want to know where to look.MHPD inserted a small space into the site that circulates, framing the space with mirrors and steel ceilings and floors.The team custom-designed a number of objects that flow peacefully into the interior from tubular display shelves and sea window installations.An experiential art installation attempts to capture the imagination with its swirling blue tassels.Whirling in the breeze like the rustle of trees, reminiscent of a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon.Mushrooms take a central place inside, a magical thing that can be seen all the time in the park.Inspired by the book Mushroom at the End of the World, MHPD received creative permission with its size and colour to add more drama and fun to the space.Blue walls and cabinets interweave with buttery curtains, while mirrored surfaces welcome fun.MHPD is a Creative studio based in Shanghai that focuses on interior and product design.While exploring spatial forms, MHPD seeks to establish and change material trends and potentials, and to keep the viewer mildly hypnotic and appropriately distracted.Artist Paul Hsu, founder and design director of MHPD, was recently commissioned by Tom Dixon to invade 2 FAT lounge chairs in 24 hours in Shanghai.As Iris Van Herpen said, he believed, “The more difficult or distant something feels, the more it appeals to me.If a material is too easy to work with, it won’t start a process, so I let it go.