When a six-year-old boy fell into a reservoir in Shangqiu, he jumped into the icy water to save his life

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A six-year-old boy who fell into a reservoir was rescued by a man who jumped into the icy water at the critical moment…Recently, the video has been widely circulated among the friends of shangqiu citizens, and many people have praised it.On February 7, Daxiang News contacted Zhou Xiaoyong, who saved a drowning child, to learn the love story behind this brave act.February 4 at 3 p.m., zhou Xiaoyong and friends who live in shangqiu city drove past the wutun reservoir of civil rights, friends heard the cry for help found a child accidentally fell into the water, the situation is extremely urgent, so enthusiastic Zhou Xiaoyong regardless of their own not skilled in water, and his friends work together to save the drowning children.According to Zhou xiaoyong, the vehicle was less than 100 meters away from the drowning child, but when he reached the reservoir, the child was struggling on the water with only two hands, which was an emergency.He quickly took off his padded jacket and shoes, jumped into the water and dragged the boy slowly to the shore, where his friend was waiting with a bamboo pole.After pulling the child to the shore, he found the child pale, but due to the timely rescue, more conscious, Zhou Xiaoyong helped the child to his mother, confirmed the child’s safety after he drove back to Shangqiu wearing wet clothes.Reporters later learned that the boy was only six years old when he fell while playing on the bridge.”Although I have not learned to swim, also did not deliver superior experience, in the water can only ensure the safety of their own, but didn’t think that, because he was a kid, and I am a father, I am also a son, and I also do education, I don’t care for which side, should be the first to save the boy down.”Zhou Xiaoyong said in an interview.On the way back to Shangqiu, the child’s mother added Zhou Xiaoyong’s wechat account to express her special thanks and transferred money to Zhou Xiaoyong’s wechat account, which made Zhou Xiaoyong very moved and proud.But he refused a red envelope, said Zhou Xiaoyong, thoughts brought the line, not really, “for it violates the principle of my heart, the thoughts of shangqiu now are improved, and meet the drowning child not only can I stand up, anyone who can swim, met this kind of situation, I believe, will not hesitate to jump down go to, to save on”.In fact, this is not zhou xiaoyong’s first love event.Not only that, during the flood fighting in Zhengzhou, Zhou Xiaoyong learned that a village in xinxiang county was seriously affected, and took the initiative to collect some love materials, including clothes, school bags, mattresses and living materials, with a total of about 100,000 yuan to support the affected people through the disaster.”In my opinion, in the most difficult time, it is necessary for positive people to step forward and help others through difficult times. After all, difficulties are only temporary.”Zhou Xiaoyong told reporters.On the afternoon of February 7th, alibaba Tianyi Positive Energy project team learned of Zhou Xiaoyong’s saving the drowning child, and decided to award Zhou Xiaoyong a prize of 10,000 yuan with Elephant News • Oriental Today in recognition of his act of great love. The award statement reads as follows:The beginning of Spring, warm and cold, vientiane renewal, jumped to save a small life, he saved a family, but also at the beginning of the New Year, the Central Plains of responsibility and great love into the hearts of people.After the rescue, he was soaked to the skin and refused the red envelope, leaving only pride. This low-key humility is warmer than the spring breeze and more touching than the spring.From fight flood disaster relief to save a person in danger, he says move is ordinary only, leave us however extraordinary move!Alibaba daily positive energy united elephant news · Oriental Today to award Zhou Xiaoyong positive energy special award and ten thousand yuan reward hero, this positive energy “red envelope” please accept!We know that heroism cannot be measured by money. May every good man’s heart be a little warmer in the New Year.From 2013 to 2022, this is our adherence and our original aspiration.”I’m an educator myself, but I’m also a father, and the instinct to see a child in danger is to help.”When the reporter told Zhou Xiaoyong about the award, he said, “I really appreciate the attention and award from The elephant news, Oriental Today and Alibaba. I am deeply moved by the support from the media and netizens.Society is a big family, everyone needs to run with love, so that each member of the society can get warm.We need to spread positive energy. We all need to do something worthwhile.Next, I will donate all the prize money to nursing homes and welfare homes, so as to pass on this love and positive energy to help more people in need.”It is understood that “Daily Positive Energy” is a well-known public welfare project jointly created by Alibaba Group and more than 100 mainstream media including Elephant News and Orient Today.Established in 2013, the project has been in operation for more than eight years, with the purpose of “spreading truth, goodness and beauty, promoting positive energy”. By rewarding small but beautiful ordinary people for their good deeds, it arouses people’s minds, encourages good deeds and promotes the society to be good and warm. So far, the award amount has been more than 90 million yuan, and tens of thousands of grassroots people from all walks of life have won awards.The stories of these ordinary people have become an example for people to learn from and follow, influencing and driving more and more people to look up to the good.