Wang Feng and Liu Cundong investigated the construction of digital city south

2022-08-26 0 By

In the afternoon of April 4, Wang Feng, secretary of shinan District Party Committee, Liu Cundong, deputy secretary of shinan District Party Committee and district head led the relevant departments responsible comrades to investigate the construction work of shinan district.Wang Feng and Liu Cundong visited the Command Center of Urban grassroots governance under the Guidance of Party Construction in Shinan District, conducted on-site investigation on the operation of urban cloud brain in Shinan District, and listened in detail to the construction of data Center, digital twin Center, AI Center and the operation of urban grassroots governance and operation management platform.At the survey site, Wang Feng pointed out that the platform construction should do a good job in the coordination of government departments at all levels and social organizations at all levels, reshape the government governance process, and improve the precision and efficiency of governance.At the same time, we should set up digital thinking, innovate new ways and methods of governance, scientifically construct the digital governance system of Shinan District, and fully serve the high-quality economic and social development.During the investigation, Wang Feng presided over a special scheduling meeting for the construction of digital City South, listened to the report on the construction of digital city South, and arranged the next work.Wang Feng stressed that to fully understand the importance of digital city south construction work, conscientiously implement the provincial Party Committee, the Municipal Party committee on digital construction work deployment, enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of digital city south construction, with digital, intelligent empower future urban governance, government services, industrial transformation and other work.It is necessary to grasp the key opportunity of Shinan District as the “pilot of digital transformation in the whole region and in the whole field” of Qingdao, straighten out the working ideas, clarify the responsibility objectives, and promote the construction of digital Shinan district to achieve new achievements.It is necessary to further improve the construction of cloud brain center in South City, promote the breakthrough and upgrading from “viewing south city with one screen” to “ruling south city with one screen” and then to “enjoying south City with one screen”, and strive to achieve joint construction, co-governance, sharing and sharing.To strengthen the top-level design, give full play to the role of digital south construction leading group, focus on practical results, and strive to create a number of digital transformation highlights.We should further innovate the construction model, open up the application scenarios of digital construction, explore new paths of market-based operation, and help enterprises grow.District leader Guan Wei participated in the investigation.